Laptop Bag Review

Obviously when you work at home as I do, choosing a good quality laptop/computer is one of the most important buying decisions you could make.  Laptops are the ideal choice because they are compact an won’t take too much space up in your home, especially if you are already using one of the rooms as a dual purpose room or only have a small home office.  Another reason why I, and many of the people I know, choose to use laptops, is because they are easy to transport from one place to another and you can use them on the train if you are travelling somewhere and need to work en route.

There will be times, such as when you are getting on and off the trains that you are not using your laptop and regardless of whether it is a high end model such as my MacBook Air or is a lower spec model; you will want to protect it adequately.  This is when a good quality laptop bag or case comes into play, like those available at Gear Zap.

I recently purchased one of these and I haven’t regretted that decision ever since.  I have used it on the train a few times and think it is one of the best laptop accessories I have ever used.  Storage space wise, this particular case offers more than enough.  There is just enough space in fact for the laptop and charger along with a notepad and possibly some other little bits and pieces.

It can be a concern when you are looking for a travel case for an expensive item such as a laptop that you find one that can hold your device firmly.  This particular bag, is a very comfortable fit for MacBook Air’s,  The most interesting thing however, is the kind of response from people I meet walking down the street or while sitting eating and felt compelled to comment positively.  This is exactly what happened when I was sitting in a coffee shop minding my own business, doing some work; he explained that he had been admiring my new laptop bag for a while and that he thought it was pretty cool and wondered where he could get it from.


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