9 Helpful Tips For Novice Skiers

Skiing is one of the most popular winter holidays choices; it’s a fun, easy-going, active vacation. Ask almost anyone who has been on a skiing trip, and they will tell you just how much they enjoy skiing.

The best thing about a skiing holiday is that skiing is suitable for people of all ages and experience levels. So, no matter how old or how experienced you are, a skiing trip can be an exciting and enjoyable vacation choice.

Even for new skiers, skiing trips can be a lot of fun. While you shouldn’t expect to conquer the black slopes on your first trip, there is no need to spend your entire vacation on the learner slopes.

If you are new to skiing, planning your first skiing trip can be a little stressful. Do you know the best skiing destinations? Do you know what you need to wear and what equipment your need? Do you even have any idea where to start with the planning?

  1. Pick a skiing resort with beginner slopes

Although you may not want to stick to the beginner slopes for your entire trip, it is a good idea to opt for a resort with novice slopes to start off on.

Make sure that your chosen skiing resort, has lots of different slopes for beginner’s, as this will allow you to build you confidence and experience.

  1. Don’t go on a skiing shopping spree

For your first time skiing, don’t be tempted to go on an all out skiing shopping spree. Instead, raid your wardrobe for suitable clothing.

All you need is a turtle neck jumper, fleece or sweater and a pair of insulating trousers – not denim as this will take too long to dry. You will also need a waterproof ski coat and trousers to go over your clothes. A scarf and some waterproof snow gloves are probably a good idea too – once you know you love skiing, you can then  upgrade your outfit.

  1. Rent skis and boots

While people may suggest borrowing as much skiing equipment, you will have a better experience if you rent your skis and boots at the resort.

By renting out your equipment, you will get modern equipment that fits you properly, making your skiing trip more comfortable and safer. Plus, you will find skiing much easier using modern equipment.

  1. Buy lift tickets

Before you can go skiing, you will need to purchase a lift ticket. A lift ticket will give you entry to the mountain and will allow you to use the ski lifts.

While the prices of lift tickets vary, many resorts do discounts at off-peak times, such as mid-week and early or late in the season. Plus, many resorts also offer free or discounted lift passes for children and seniors.

  1. Practice before you go



While you may be planning on booking skiing lessons for your holiday, it is still a good idea to practice your skiing before you go away. Especially, if you have never skied before.

Think of it like this – the sooner you go from wobbly and unable to stay up, to steady on your feet, you will have a lot more fun on your skis. That’s why it is a good idea to practice your skiing before you go on your trip, at a local indoor ski centre.

  1. Get in shape

The last thing you want is to spend lots of money on a skiing holiday, only to find that on the second day of your trip, you are too exhausted to get out of bed.

While skiing may not seem overly exhausting, when you are spending eight hours a day practicing skiing, it can really take its toll. That’s why it is a good idea to improve your fitness level and get in shape before you go.

  1. Book a skiing lesson

Even if your friends or partner are confident skiers, don’t be tempted to let them teach you. It is important that you learn how to ski from a professional instructor, that’s why booking a skiing lesson is essential for beginner skiers.

Beginner skiing lessons will arm you with all the basic knowledge and skills that you need to enjoy skiing. After a few skiing lessons, you will feel much more comfortable and confident on the slopes, and will be happy to try out some of the steeper slopes.

  1. Take a rucksack

Take a rucksack on the slopes with you, fill it with spare clothes, food and water, and anything else you might need. The weather can change incredibly quickly in the mountains. So, it’s a good idea to be prepared so that you don’t have to trek all the way back to your chalet every time the weather changes.

For new skiers, having regular snack and drinks breaks are vital. Because you will be working new muscles, you will get tired easily. So, it is important that you pack snacks and a drink you can use to give yourself an energy boost and hydrate yourself.

  1. Have an amazing time

Going on a skiing trip is an amazing opportunity to let loose and have fun with your friends and family. Make sure to take full advantage of your trip and spend as much time on the snow as possible. Don’t be put off if you find it hard at first, becoming a good skier takes time and practice.

Even if you struggle to ski, don’t get frustrated or give up, spend the week perfecting a couple of small things. Remember, the more time you spend on the snow, the better. Spend as much time as possible practicing, so that on your next trip you can ski confidently with your friends and family.


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