Summer In Austria Video

As you may have already known Austria is a culturally rich place with some of the most beautiful countryside on the continent.  In fact, it is so beautiful and important that Wachau, one of the places mentioned in the video and supporting pack has been classified by UNESCO as a Word Heritage site.  Another interesting fact about Wachau is mentioned that the vineyards are known to produce some of the best white wine not only in Europe, but the world.

The video shows Austria to be a very pretty and idyllic place and describes it in terms of “The moment you…” with various finished versions of that statement, such as “The moment you discovered true richness”, “The moment you could truly be yourself” and the final one simply says “When all your senses were touched”  The pictures match the sentiment of the statements with a man refreshing himself in clean, crystal clear water in one and a couple sitting at the edge of the water watching someone taking part in water sports.

The image that is conjured up about Austria is very attractive and makes you want to visit the country to take a stroll alongside the Danube River, to hike up the Alps and to sit in the glorious sunshine eating Apfelstrudel, otherwise known as apple pie and Viennese escalope all washed down with the national drink known as Gruner Veltliner, a very simple and pure wine that has a strange and unique peppery taste.

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