How To Backpack Across Europe This Summer With Less Than £500

Many people dream of leaving the mundane reality of their normal life behind and heading out to travel across an entire continent with nothing more than a backpack to keep them company, but sadly most never bite the bullet and do it for real. This is mainly because they feel too tied down, or they have too many commitments and responsibilities to just drop everything and disappear for a few months. However, that’s just a state of mind, a situation we create in our own heads. In truth, there’s nothing holding us back but ourselves.


So, if you’re considering a backpacking trip this year, you probably want some advice to make you feel more confident about the endeavour, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve traveled via this method across Thailand and India in the past, and I’ve just planned to do the same from France to the Russian border in September. For the entire two month trip, I’ve budgeted only £500, and if you want to know a bit more about how that’s possible, read on…

Getting To The Continent

Unless you’re willing to swim across the channel, it’s probably a good idea to either sail, fly or drive. Depending on which time of year you opt to travel, prices will vary considerably, so you’ll need to do a lot of research before deciding on the most appropriate route.

Finding Suitable Accommodation

As you’ll be on a very tight budget, it’s wise to avoid hotels and apartments altogether. Instead, you should look to book beds in travelers hostels along your route. How much this costs will depend on which country you’re in. However, I’ve never paid more than 10 euros for a single nights stay (in most cases; this amount is less than 7 euros). Just remember that you’re traveling to see the world, not to have a comfortable private bedroom.

Eating Cheaply During Your Trip

Needless to say, you’ll want to stay away from restaurants and fast food places because they simply don’t provide good value for money. To save the most on food, you’ll need to use local supermarkets and purchase only the essential items you need to keep yourself healthy. Tins are good because they’re usually cheap. Don’t eat too many baked beans though, as your bunk buddy won’t be impressed with the outcome.

Entertaining Yourself Whilst Away

The great thing about travelers hostels is that you’ll meet lots of interesting people from around the world who’re doing the very same thing you are. That means you’ll make lots of new friends with whom to have a good time. However, if you don’t like starting relationships with strangers, you’ll still find lots of interesting things to do. There are many websites that list free entertainment and attractions all over the European continent, so just head down to an internet cafe and see what’s around.

So there you have it my rather adventurous friends. If you follow these tips and refrain from spending money wherever possible, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come back from your trip with money still in your pocket. Backpacking is one of the best ways to see the world and experience different cultures. Do it!


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