Why You Should Go on a Cruising Holiday For Both Luxury and Adventure



Whether you want to go on an expedition style voyage, sail to exotic islands or visit once in a lifetime countries, a cruising holiday is ideal. Breath-taking views, multiple destinations and luxury surroundings, there’s nothing quite like a cruise for the perfect mix of adventure and luxury. Here’s why you should consider going on a cruise holiday this year:

On Board Luxuries

From gorgeous cabins to endless spa treatments, fine dining and unlimited champagne, the on-board luxuries on a cruise make it the ideal type of holiday for those looking to over indulge. With top quality entertainment, tons of options when it comes to different activities and food and drink packages to suit all budgets including exquisite private restaurants, a cruise is the ultimate in luxury holiday making.

Exciting Adventures

With a cruise calling at so many different ports across the globe, there are endless opportunities to enjoy some thrilling adventures. Whether you want to go on a cruise which embraces the outdoors and explores the Norwegian Fjords or the snow-capped mountains of Canada, or head to the Caribbean and scuba dive in crystal clear waters, cruising means there’s tons of adventure opportunity at every stop.


There’s nothing adventure seekers love more than variety and when it comes to going on a cruise, each day is different. Whether it’s the thrill of waking up in a new country everyday or the new activities you plan on trying out on board, the amount of variety a cruising holiday offers is difficult to compete with. From swimming in the ship’s pool to snorkelling in the ocean, no two days on a cruise are ever the same.

Five Star Service

On a cruise, nothing is too much to ask. So, whether you’ve had a long day exploring and want to wine and dine in peace, wherever you choose to eat on board you’ll be treated to five-star service and return to your cabin with it in perfect condition sheets turned down, ready for bed.

With all this and more to offer, there are so many reasons why you should go on a cruise holiday to experience the perfect mix of adventure and luxury in one trip. With cruises at Bolsover Cruise Club to all of the different corners of the world, there’s the perfect cruise out there for everyone no matter which part of the globe you’d like to visit.

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