Why Havana Needs to be Added to Your Bucket List



Cocktails, cobbles, salsa dancing and sizzling spirit, Havana is like nowhere else on earth. The famous Cuban capital has been frozen in time since the 50s and as a result, offers a unique travelling experience that cannot be compared to any other city. From the hum of the Cadillac’s in the streets to the woody smell of cigars that permeates the air, Havana is a city to add to your bucket list today, here’s why:

The People

The Habaneros as they’re known are one of a kind. Happy, full of life and with a party sprit that even a totalitarian government couldn’t dampen, the local people of Havana love welcoming tourists to their wonderful city. There’s no better tour guide than a person who has inhabited a city’s streets their whole life so talk to as many different people as possible to find the best cabanas and amazing Cuban food haunts whilst visiting the city.

Seductive Charm

Whilst one can wonder how it’s possible to be seduced by a city, one visit to Havana and you’ll know. The cobbled streets, salsa rhythms and flowing mojitos give the city a sultry charm that like nowhere else on earth. Admire the architecture, stare at the candy coloured buildings and take it all in whilst being charmed by such a beautiful, crumbling city.


As a result of the long-standing trade embargo imposed on the country, car enthusiasts will adore spotting the brightly coloured motors as they hurtle down the cobbles. Famous for its classic cars, old-school vehicles are the only vehicles to line the streets. From nostalgic favourites to complete rust buckets, you’ll be awestruck by the variety of different types of cars that are on the road.

The Buildings

Thanks to having such a turbulent past, Havana’s architecture is a lively mix of all different eras, ideal for admiring as you explore the city. From the crumbling Spanish colonial structures to the art deco buildings and the startling soviet concrete blocks, it’s stark differences are what make the city so unique and must visit.

With all these amazing attributes to offer, Havana definitely needs adding to your bucket list. Head there now with Cuba Holidays to experience the adventure of a lifetime in a city that never fails to impress. Enjoy a Cuban cigar, sip on a mojito and watch the world go by in a city with a spirit that you’ll want to bottle up and bring back with you.

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