What Is Ping And Does It Matter?



Online gaming has become a major part of the video game industry. In fact, many modern video games all but rely entirely on their multiplayer aspect. And this is great for a number of reasons. Not only does it mean that gamers can have more fun interacting with one another, but multiplayer games are also often known to sell better.

But, with online gaming come a number of problems, many of which can ruin the experience for he player. One of these problems, and arguably the most important, is what is referred to as ping. Most online gamers are already aware of what ping is, and how it works, but let’s take a closer look.

Ping Is Everything In Online

When gamers are enjoying online gameplay of any type, be it online Blackjack or a MMORPG, there is an incredible amount of information being sent back and forth. Each player participating in the game needs to have information not only sent to a server, but also received, allowing allowing for each participant to be synchronised with one another.

But this is no small task. Even in a world that has had so much technology advancement in online sharing, the transfer of this information in the gaming world can be imperfect. After all, the locations off the players may be on other sides of the world. And this, of course, can be a major difficulty to overcome.

Ping, therefore, is a measurement of how long it takes a player to send, and receive information.

Lower And Higher Ping

A low ping dictates that the transfer of information in the gaming particular instance is quick. A ping below 100, for example, would be seen as decent, and below 50 would be great. The higher the number above about 200, however, is starting to become troublesome.

Most games compensate for differences in ping, still allowing players to enjoy online gameplay with only minor issues. Once a ping is too high, however, the issues can become distracting. The results might be delays between actions taken in the game, and the results of those actions actually occurring. This is a game compensating for a high ping.

Getting The Best Ping

If you are struggling with high ping in your online games, it is likely because you are connecting to other countries, as opposed to local players. In almost all cases there will be better ping with local players. Hence, try and ensure that the game is set to connect to players in your region. Not all games do this by default.

Of course, not all countries will have players for every game, so it is sometimes needed to play with overseas players. Try and connect to the region that has the best ping. Though, it still may not give favourable results. In this case, unfortunately, there is little that can be done to improve the ping, except upgrading the internet connection used, or playing a game more popular in your region.

So if you’re playing with someone that has poor ping, keep in mind that they may have little choice in the matter.

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