What Does the Latest Update Mean For Pokémon Go?



It’s the game that took the world by storm. Pokémon Go has been out for a while now and while the app, much like Bitcoin betting, has progressed quite a bit during this time, there’s still a load of improvements and promised features that the app’s developer Niantic is busy working on. Below you’ll find some of the latest tweaks that came with the new update, explained in better detail.

Raid Battles

The latest update of Pokémon Go brings with it the biggest new feature released to date. Raid Battles are in-game events that are timed and located at Gyms. Players can now team up with other trainers near them and work together in order to defeat powerful Pokémon called Raid Bosses. This great new feature aims to bring a more cooperative and social dynamic to existing gameplay.

During a Raid Battle, the Gym where the battle is located will be unavailable and a large egg with a timer will pop up. The Raid Boss is revealed once the timer hits zero. To get a shot at taking down the Raid Boss, you’ll first need a Raid Pass which you can purchase or get free each day by visiting a Gym. Trainers from all teams can join together to defeat the Raid Boss and there are improved rewards for participating in Raid Battles. You can earn Golden Razz Berries and stardust, or even catch the Raid Boss.

Exclusive Raids

Along with Raids, Exclusive Raids bring a fun new element to Pokémon Go. By invite only, these Exclusive Raids will soon be the only way you’ll be able to catch the legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo. You’ll need to have completed a Raid somewhat recently at the same Gym where the Exclusive Raid is being held in order to secure and invite.

Players who have taken part in a large number of battles and who have high-level Gym Badges are more likely to be invited to Exclusive Raids. The recent update has also meant that Exclusive Raids are more likely to occur in Gyms and sponsored locations that are located within large public areas in an effort to make them more accessible to a greater amount of players, and to get people outside.

Weather System

A really cool feature that has been included with the latest update is the addition of a dynamic weather system that imitates real-world weather. This is not just for aesthetic reasons. How does it impact gameplay exactly? Well, it makes certain Pokémon types more likely to appear during certain weather conditions that suit them. Heavy rain will coax out more water-type Pokémon but will also affect the combat power of fire-type Pokémon during battle.

Gym Changes

To encourage players to visit Gyms more often, spinnable Photo Discs much like the ones currently found at Pokestops have been added. These deal out unique items as well as Gym Badges. Players are able to level up their Gym Badges through engaging with Gyms, earning them unique opportunities to receive further bonus items.

Players will now be able to heal the Pokémon that they have left in the gyms without having to physically return by using berries. This is probably the biggest and most convenient change, although the amount of health regained by using a distant berry will be less than that from actually returning to the Gym.

With the latest update, Gyms will now have six permanent slots that can be occupied by the controlling team’s Pokémon. Teams who want to take over control of the Gym need to battle these six Pokémon in the order that they’ve been assigned.

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