Using MyVegas to travel Cheap to Vegas




All fans of gambling and the high life, at one point in their time on this planet should take a trip to the American centre of gambling and one of the best places to have a flutter and win big in the world – Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a very alluring and enticing place, the flashing lights, the chance of winning big all in the town that never sleeps.  However, one of the problems with a trip to Las Vegas is that it can be quite costly, even before you consider your spending and gambling money.  There could be a way round the problem of the cost and all you need is a mobile phone or tablet capable of downloading apps on to.  In the following post we will look at this interesting and also fun way to save money off your dream trip to Las Vegas.

If you enjoy a spot of gambling and haven’t already tried a slot machine app of any kind, now is the time to give myVEGAS App.  However, unlike ordinary apps of this kind that involves paying money into win money in return, myVegas app is different in that you play for free without making a deposit at all and in return you win rewards.

How Does It Actually Work And What Do The Rewards Get You?

Normally if you play casino and slot machine apps you have to deposit a small amount of money to get started so that you can have the chance to win cash prizes.  MyVEGAS however is very  different and although you don’t actually have win cash prizes, you win something that in a lot of ways is better – rewards.

So by playing slot machine games you can win rewards.  You may be wondering what kind of rewards would you be able to get from playing a game like this.  Well you can win anything from money off entertainment, meals, hotel stays and many other things in the actual Las Vegas.

As you work your way through playing the slot machines to VIP status to have a chance of winning any of the above.  This will help you to save money on your actual trip, when you book it.  Just by remembering to bring your device with you and using the rewards while out there.

It is hard to argue with the idea of a game where you can play out a reasonably realistic version of actual Las Vegas casino games online while also securing huge savings for your actual trip to the city of sin.

Therefore, as hard as it may be to believe it, if you are planning on a trip to Las Vegas and want to be able to cut the costs of living expenses and things like your meals and entertainment when you are not out trying your luck, myVegas is the app for you.  Once you are out there you will be able to enjoy yourself even more without worrying about the cost of some things.

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