Unique Tourist Destinations for Travellers to Enjoy



Are you interested in enjoying an uncommon tourist destination? If the idea of the Eiffel Tower sets you yawning, and Big Ben is not worth the bother, then the following ideas for your next holiday may well do the trick.

Go See Sichuan, in China

Sichuan, in China, is the home of the Leshan Giant Buddha. At 233 feet, the Buddha was carved into the mountainside in the 8th Century, as is one of the biggest images of its kind in the world. While you are there, make sure you stay at the Panda Inn, too. The cute animals are everywhere, from the walls right on through to the furniture, and the staff dress up as them as well!

Get Lost in Las Pozas, in Xilitla, Mexico

A wealthy English aristocrat created the surreal structural landscape of Las Pozas. Edward James had the idea for a fantasyland in his mind, and selected the Mexican jungle to house his masterpiece. Buildings with names like the House with a Roof Like a Whale dot the 20 acres, along with a staircase that leads absolutely nowhere.

New Zealand’s Pancake Rocks will Definitely Please You

As enjoyable as an hour or two at an online NZ casino may be, the Pancake Rocks are something else. Situated on the South Island, these rocks are located on the western edge of the Paparoa National Park. Long ago layers of limestone and sandstone gathered on the floor of the ocean and, because the sandstone was softer than the limestone, erosion set in. Thanks to this unusual natural process, the rock outcroppings soon started resembling a stack of pancakes -30 million years later, they are a wonderful sight for those curious about our natural environment and wanting to explore more than the gaming destinations on offer.

Make Sure Not to Miss Mont St. Michel, in France

Mont St. Michel is what is known as a tidal island: when the tide comes in the island is surrounded by water, and when it recedes the land appears once more. Situated off of the Normandy coast in France, the island houses a Gothic Abbey that once incarcerated prisoners from the French Revolution.

Embrace the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

If a little cold weather doesn’t daunt you, then the Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel in Sweden may well be what you are looking for! Situated just over 100 miles above the Arctic Circle, this seasonal place to say is rebuilt every winter. You will sleep on a bed of ice, and take in the ice church, main hall and bar. The glasses you drink out of at this bar are made out of ice as well!

Cavort in Cancun’s Underwater Museum

Deep in the sea, off of the coast of Cancun, you will find its Underwater Museum. It features over 400 life-sized sculptures, all of which were created with materials intended to promote the growth of coral. On the ocean’s floor is a sculpture of a man reclining on his coach, seemingly watching television as the schools of fish wind their way around him and it.

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