Two Great Road Trips of the United States of America



In life, success is not only defined by achieving a goal, but the path taken. In preparing for the real world, a circuitous route is to be expected. This journey can seriously impact how a person perceives life and how the community at large perceives them. In the same way, taking a road trip is now only about the destination, but the fun had while getting there. Have some fun with these great road trip ideas. With the right roads, one can tour the whole of the United States and even cities in the neighboring countries in the south. A city tour of Buenos Aires can be done with a road trip from most of these roads.

The Acadia All-American Road

With stunning 360 views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Maine coast, this route is best for early risers or lovers of beautiful sunrises. Not to be left out, this forty mile stretch has a little bit for the lover of nature and the adrenaline junkie. While driving on the Buttermilk road in Trenton watch out for a variety of rare wildlife but if visited during the right time of year, the deer hunting season can be a great source of fun. If a short boating trip is desired before moving on, stop over on the Thompson Islands where the wildlife and tidal pools create a peaceful experience.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

Just as a warning, before tackling this route between western Colorado and eastern Utah, ensure that your camper has enough RV supplies to last for a week. This 480 mile of prehistoric driving was last used by huge dinosaurs at least 150 million years before the first man walked the earth. The terrain has changed since then becoming a bit more arid and dry as the millennia rolled away. In addition to the Dinosaur Quarry which can be seen in Utah, there are many side roads which give many chances for off road exploration. Before heading off the road, be aware that rain or snow can create dangerous conditions, therefore, please check with local authorities before heading out.


Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

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