Travel Review Of Outback Australia

Outback Australia is commonly thought of my most people as a small remote part of Australia, a place which does not always have a lot to offer. From my past travel experiences I have found out that just about any place in the world has something to offer, so I decided to put this theory to the test again by visiting this “supposed” remote area.

Before arriving in Outback Australia I thought the best way to accommodate myself would be by sleeping in a tent. However my mind was quickly swayed when I saw some of the local wildlife creeping around. Snakes, spiders and other bugs of all sorts of shapes and sizes were seemingly only ever a metre away so I thought this was no longer an option! Because of this I booked myself into a local hostel.

In the hostel I was amazed just how many and how popular the pokies (slot machines) were. I’d previously played a few at, but never expected to see them everywhere on my travels. I met a group of friends playing the machines and I voiced my surprise about how they are so popular despite being in the middle of nowhere. They agreed and commented on the popularity before convincing me to have a go. To my relief I won and managed to fund the beers for a great first night in Outback Australia.

Waking up the following morning I did not feel too great but was still determined to go exploring. I rented out a car and decided to trek across the Queensland’s Gulf Savannah region. This region is a country of golden grasslands abounding with wildlife, mining heritage, great rivers and stunning landscapes. You can dig for gems, fish for barramundi, view an incredible array of wildlife and experience the heritage of frontier towns. It was truly some of the greatest scenery I had ever seen in my life, with the only downside being it completely took up all of my camera memory!

After this spectacular visit I thought it would be a good idea to try out a less stifling destination with a bit of water scenery, so I went to the Mildura and Murray Outback region. Parched Mallee soils, fertile wetlands and ancient lunar landscapes were just some of the hallmarks of the accessible wilderness of the Mildura and Murray Outback region. Divided into five distinct areas, the Mallee outback terrain was stark and subtle. Again the scenery was fantastic and allowed me to have a little dip in the wetlands which was oh so refreshing.

Upon driving back to my hostel I was greeted by more friendly Australians who invited me to some bars. I was again amazed to see just how many pokies machines were around. They explained how it was beginning to become a strong cultural part of Australia, and how they all met each other for the first time through playing these machines, fantastic! Many of the women in Australia were stunning, so I was glad I had packed my Bathmate pump from

After I eventually got back to the hostel I suddenly realised that I would have to be boarding home the next day. The sense of disappointment I felt helped illustrate what a great time I had had in Outback Australia. The myth that there is nothing to do is completely false, as the combination of incredible scenery and fun friendly pokies means this is a place no tourist should miss.

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