Top Luxury Holiday Plans You Can Make To Enjoy the Mediterranean


If you want to have a holiday experience that is a little more on the fancy side, there are more than enough possibilities. As such a popular destination for holiday makers the choice in the Mediterranean is excellent. From Croatia to Greece, Spain and Italy, Mediterranean destinations are top notch when it comes to luxury travel. Well, if you are looking for a luxury break, here are three wonderful holiday ideas to travel the Mediterranean in style.

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Charter a Yacht

What could be more luxurious than charting your own yacht to sail the Mediterranean. It sounds like a dream come true. The freedom to choose your destinations and to stay as long as you like in different ports and harbours. Chartering your own yacht or bareboat sailing comes at different levels. You can book an individual charter if you have your own sailing qualifications, a skippered charter so you have a guide but can learn the ropes yourself. Or, the most luxurious option is to charter a fully crewed yacht where you can sit back and relax letting others do the work. Whichever yacht charter you choose you can explore smaller bays, coves and villages that would otherwise be hidden from view when visiting by other means.

Stay in a Luxury hotel

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If you want to sit back and have everything done for you then a stay in a luxury hotel and spa is for you. Not worried about staying in the same place? Look out onto the Mediterranean Sea from your comfortable chair on the sandy beach whilst sipping a cocktail. A truly relaxing experience for those who want a break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Perhaps a hotel on the Italian Riviera, or along the beautiful Croatian coastline? Lie by the pool, book a massage and eat your freshly prepared dinner looking out onto the ocean.  If you do want to get out for the day, you can always take a trip to another island or beach to explore before returning to your hotel. Your tour operator might even have a list of excursions for you to choose from.

Cruise the Mediterranean

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If you want the service and relaxation of a luxury hotel stay but don’t really want to stay in one place, then a Mediterranean Cruise might be the right choice for you. This way you have all the services you would expect from a hotel but you get to see a different destination each day. You can often find excellent all-inclusive deals and is a great choice for families with small children to keep them entertained. As your itinerary is very rigid you don’t have much flexibility in terms of where you stop and how long for. But if you are happy to go with the flow, choose a luxury cruise that suits your needs and away you go!

So how would you choose to spend your time on a luxury break in the Mediterranean this summer? A hotel and spa in the Italian Riviera? A sailing charter exploring the Greek Islands or a luxury cruise docking at the main ports in Greece, Croatia and Spain? Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy the beauty and relaxation that summer in the Mediterranean offers.

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