Top Caravans on the Market

Having your own caravan is great news as it means you can get up and go whenever the mood takes you. No sitting around and planning planes and hotels, no. All you have to do is load up and hit the road. If you’re looking to buy a caravan you’ll need to know what you’re looking for as you’ll find that there is a lot of choice out there. I’m going to through a few caravans on the market today and hopefully show you what to look for. If you decide to buy your own, new or second hand, you should check for caravan traders on sites like Gumtree.

2008 Swift Conqueror 630 Lux

First the basic stats:

  • 6.27 m Length
  • 2.5 m Height
  • 2.29 m Width
  • Tourer
  • Double Axle
  • 283 kg payload
  • 4 Berth
  • Second Hand Avg. Price: £11,500

What you also need to look out for is what extras does the Caravan come with. If you’re buying second hand then chances are there might be more than if you bought new because the previous owners may have customised – here are some crazy examples. You’ll be looking in one of these for a TV aerial, water heater, a hot and cold shower unit, blacked out windows, and white goods (fridge etc).

2011 Bailey Unicorn Valencia

First the basic stats:

  • 4 Berth
  • Single Axle
  • Fixed Bed
  • Tourer
  • Spare Wheel
  • Skylight
  • Second Hand Avg. Price: £15,000

What I’ve noticed with this model is how spacious it feels. It’s not that much bigger than the Swift Conqueror above, however the layout gives it a slight TARDIS feel. I would say, whatever you decide to buy, especially if you’re going second hand, is ask to see it first. If you’re an experienced ‘caravaneer’ then you might not need to, however it’s the same when buying a car, people can hide the vehicles dirty secrets in a picture.

2012 Bailey Retreat Sycamore Blackhorse 

First the basic stats:

  • 6 Berth
  • Tourer
  • End Bedroom
  • Double Axle
  • Second Hand Avg. Price: £19,000/£20,000

This one is more expensive than the previous two, but that’s because, one: it’s bigger, and two: it’s newer. The Bailey Retreat is luxurious and bigger. It’s perfect for a couple’s holiday away to a quaint, romantic Cornish campsite. This caravan comes with mains electric and a Heki roof light. You have to decide for yourself how much you are willing to pay for luxury. If you want a simple caravan to go and explore the country in then this one isn’t for you, however if you have a bit of money saved up, then you might want to consider this one as it’s a lot more comfortable.

Size Matters

Or does it? It depends really on your wants and needs. Some people don’t mind how they get to their destination (check out these camp sites) or what the accommodation is like, they just want to get a way and have a relaxing holiday away from work and modernity. Although, if you’re like me then you’ll be willing to pay that little bit extra to relax in style and luxury.


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