Top 7 Amazing and Affordable Winter Vacation Destinations for Students



If you are exhausted, it is high time to get away from it all. All of us need that recharge of batteries from time to time. Just determine to what kind of leisure you are likely to devote your seven days (or more) out of work and get it! Good news: you don’t have to spend all your savings on vacation. Below we offer a number of the best affordable warm winter vacations which are budget-friendly in winter.

Exotic trip for cheap

Are you in search of a destination to enjoy the sun and the warmth of water? You can have it all here and now! Turn your attention to the territories which are not included to the list of the top warm vacation spots in February though they still offer a decent leisure like in the high season.


The pearl of Greece, the city of Rhodes enjoys two millions of tourists in summer. That is why winter is the best period to visit this place if you are eager to find your shelter in the peaceful paradise at a low price. Though this spot is not mentioned on the list of the hottest winter destinations like Canary or Mallorca, its weather is even more welcoming.  Aren’t you surprised? Here, the water remains warm until the mid-December – swimming in this period is even more enjoyable than in May!

You can jazz your life here all year around. You will never get bored with a kind of nightlife and spontaneous concerts organized in taverns and cafes almost every evening. The city has plenty of attractions for the sites’ lovers. Acropolis of Lindos and ancient stadium are the first places to visit.

Winter Rhodes is one of the ideal winter vacation spots with the opportunities for active leisure. You will not suffer from the heat when bicycling, hiking, or just walking along the beach, as it happens in summer.


If your budget is not very big, you still deserve a decent rest. And if you are one of the exotic trip lovers, one of the biggest touristic centres of Morocco will be most helpful. When Europe is covered with snow, in Marrakesh you can still have a cheap and hot rest. This city does not resemble the rest of the country. It is here that you can have the crème de la crop (the most delicious dishes and souvenirs for the best price). It is very welcoming in winter. Just as other pearls of Morocco, Taghazout and Essaouira. Moroccan cities offer the best combination of the lounge and active life (for winter surfing, come to Taghazout).

Affordable yet romantic fairy tale

If the winter sunburn is not your target and all you want is to find a cosy corner to get lost with your beloved, take into account the nice places mentioned below. These are perfect destinations to help you support your romance.


Prague is worth seeing. No wonder, those who have once decided to come here in winter come back in summer. The city is so charming: with the snow-white cover and fewer tourists, it seems a secluded romantic corner existing for Jack and Jill only. This is one of the ideal winter vacation spots for couples. Explore the majestic Prague Castle or walk around the old town, buy a dinner cruise on the river or “move” to the Middle Ages to try the medieval treats. If you get cold, you can always drop in the nearby café. A great bonus is that even a student can have all that at the bargain price: in winter, the apartments in Prague are much cheaper! Address to the reliable assignment writing help in UK to cope with your tasks and have a memorable rest. For the adherents of active nightlife, this city has so much to offer too!


One more romantic spot will captivate you with the marvellous architecture: walking along the streets in the old city is a real pleasure that you would like never to stop. Though, of course, you can order tours to learn about the historical sights. Another specialization of this place is spa treatment (both indoor and outdoor). This city was created to help you cure your soul with the help of artful architecture, and its spa centres will take care of your body. Szechenvyi Spa is the biggest pearl of spa infrastructure in Budapest. Whatever the weather, it is worth visiting! In winter, you can make the best possible acquaintance with this beautiful city due to the lowered prices and fewer tourists. Again, here the night-time activities are represented in variety.


The pricy destination in the high season, in winter the Danish capital welcomes newcomers to get acquainted. Take your chance! Buy a ticket for the canal cruise. Walk around the city enjoying the peculiar architecture and dropping from time to time in the cafés, tea houses, and cocktail bars. Copenhagen can be so romantic! Besides, this is also one of the best places to feel the Christmas spirit!

Active leisure to get warm in winter

Do you suffer from lack of adrenaline rush or your busy schedule offers too little space for an active pastime? Then you should take a break! Don’t let you fire go out – visit one of the ideal winter vacation spots for sportive people!


A tiny country with a peculiar location, Andorra is a place every adherent of winter sport should visit at least once in a lifetime. Do you like skiing or snowboarding? Are you fond of hiking? It will satisfy you with the high standard of the service and multiple opportunities to enjoy the favourite leisure. Here you have no chances to get bored or cold. Both in winter and in summer, the diversity of activities will help you stay engaged and in tonus.


The town is regarded the centre of European sports that turns it to the Swiss Mecca of all the adherents of active life. Interlaken can offer opportunities for any possible active pastime. Skiing, snowshoe trekking, snowboarding, kayaking, rafting, tandem jump, paragliding, helicopter skydiving, balancer slope glider, canyoning, vertical rush adventures, bungee jumping, and many other are at your disposal. You can have all that any time of day as often as you want! But don’t think this ancient resort has nothing to offer apart from sports. If you get tired of the endless move, there exist some tours to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local culture and cuisine. Swiss food and culture walking tour or cheese and chocolate full day tour will touch the feelings of any visitor.

Well, a perfect rest to your taste in winter can be both affordable and memorable. There’s no need to put off your vacation till summer!

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