Top 6 Filipino Delicacies You Should Never Miss to Try



Filipino cuisine has had a bad rap on the global culinary scene. But the perception is changing with forecasters predicting Filipino food the one to be tried out.

Here is the list of 6 authentic Filipino dishes you should never miss.


Be it chicken, pork, beef, seafood or vegetables, if it’s well-cooked Adobo, you’d hardly find a Filipino who doesn’t love it. Adobo is a delicious dish that sees cooked with meat and vegetable marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic prior to being cooked in oil and then seethed in the rest marinade. The dish is often served with white rice. This hallmark item can be found in local Filipino restaurants, market stalls and food courts across the country while some Manila based restaurants offer a scrumptious garlicky pork and beef version.


This is a sour-tasting Filipino soup made of tomato, tamarind, garlic and onion broth. Native vegetables including eggplant, green finger chili and okra are boiled up while meats (generally pork on the bone) are added thereafter. Sinigang is often considered as the archetype of Filipino comfort food that the Pinoys can’t have enough of its hallmark sour taste. The dish is served with patis (a fish sauce) and chili, and last but not the least some white rice.


This is perhaps the most popular food of Philippines. Pansit is basically rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables and meats, and lashings of oyster and soy sauce. This is the prime staple dish of any Filipino celebration and taken during breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. Pansit comes in varying thickness but Pansit Bihon – the thin ones are the yummiest.


Whether fried or fresh, this delectable spring roll is the perfect start to any Filipino meal while it can be taken as a yummy solo snack too. Lumpia stuffing is made from minced pork (chicken is also used) cooked with garlic, onion and chopped vegetables. The stuffing is bunched together in a thin wafer wrapper. It is usually served with banana ketchup – a specialty of Philippines – made from mashed bananas, vinegar, sugar, spices, and colored red to resemble tomato ketchup. It’s really good to taste.


This is simply a heart attack in a bowl. If you’re in Philippines, you should try this deep-fried pork skin without making any compromise. It’s just yum….good..rather…so good. The dish is flavored with garlic and salt. But you can get other varieties like chili that adds a splendid kick to the crunch. This goes best with an ice-cold San Miguel. The snack is available in any market stall and anywhere where beverages are sold.


This is a one-of-a-kind afternoon snack in Philippines. It usually looks like a normal boiled egg, but once you open it, you’ll find an 18-day old duck embryo! Yup – a petite semi-formed duck. Local Pinoys generally eat it by simply cracking the shell at either end and peeling off the top, sipping the broth and then finally giving the rest a good shake of salt before finishing it off. Though some say it tastes like chicken, you try it yourself and get your own opinion.

So next time you visit Philippines, accomplish your trip with the mouth-watering Filipino dishes. DX offers some more, interesting info on Filipino food.

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