Top 5 Activities To Try When You’re On Holiday With The Family

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So, you are going on holiday with the family, just how are you going to keep everyone entertained? It can be pretty exhausting to cater to everyone’s needs. You are going to need some awesome activities that will wow during the day and be tiresome enough for a peaceful night too. You’ll aso need to find thigs to do that wont break the bank either! Here are some cheap and fun activities to try when you’re on holiday with the family.

Walking and Hiking

As long as you have good footwear and a trail to follow you can walk and hike on your family adventure holidays. This is an activity that is completely free and can wear out little feet and legs, meaning the kids will have a good night’s sleep at the end of the day too. Keeping everyone entertained on your hike may be more difficult but playing games and making it competitive might help. Try games such as finding certain objects or sights along the way or see who can find the top sight on the trail first.  Baby carriers or baby backpacks are ideal for bringing the youngest family members along.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

This can be such an enjoyable family activity and quite cheap too. If you don’t have your own bikes, then you can hire them for very little cost. Kids will love mountain biking trails and tracks especially when there are exciting ramps and jumps to try. If you have very small children, you can use special seats to attach to the back of bicycles to bring them safely along for the ride. There are dedicated parks for mountain biking but you will also find plenty of free countryside trails for a leisurely ride.

River or Sea Kayaking

For something to get the adrenalin going why not try some exhilarating river or sea kayaking. Better for families with older children this can be a really adventurous family activity. The safest way to enjoy kayaking is to book lessons or a group excursion. You’ll be guided by an expert and have help directly at hand if you get into trouble. Plus all of your equipment and safety needs will be taken care of. Make some brilliant memories on the water by taking a kayak trip on your family holiday.

Swimming and Paddling

Another fun free activity to try whilst on holiday with the family. If you head to the beach some of  the best activities to enjoy are swimming and paddling in the sea. And of course, it’s free! There’s nothing better than to enjoy a family day out at the seaside but make sure you choose a warm day. If the weather is not on your side then you can always go swimming in an indoor pool. Many pools also have fun things to do for kids in the water including floats, slides and toys.


You can really find out a lot about your family when camping. Make it a trip to remember, learning new skills together, building a fire, cooking and sharing stories. A cheaper alternative than staying in a hotel or chalet and you can come and go as you please. Whilst camoing you can enjoy all of the above activities too with countryside on your doorstep. Summer months are the ideal time for camping when the weather is warmer. A cold damp tent doesn’t sound so appealing.

That concludes these five things to do for adventurous families whilst on holiday. With all these cheap and easy activities, you can keep the whole family busy for your entire break. What is your top family activity to do whilst on holiday?

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