Tips on How to Find a Good Dental Specialist Abroad



Have you always dreamed of having the perfect Hollywood smile, but your insurance will only cover (if it does at all) partial costs, and you cannot afford really expensive dental treatment in your home country? You might hear or read in newspapers that international patients visit reliable overseas clinics, and return home relaxed with an amazing and healthy smile. So you decide to improve your dental health right now because you can’t wait any longer and have only one question, where to start?

If you have a colleague, neighbour or friend who has had excellent dental work performed on them in Serbia and can get the name and phone number of the dentist who did it, along with the highest recommendation, it can be a great thing. But we don’t all know someone who has gone overseas for dental treatment and can recommend a dentist so in that case you have no information to rely on, well look no further than DentalimplantsFriends.

A great source of information is the website dentalimplantsfriends that gives insight into the top dental implant clinics in the world. Is Hungary a place you have never visited but you are keen to see the country?  Just pick a few Hungarian clinics and check their profiles, success rates and compare the prices of dental work. Have you come across excellent reviews for holidays in Bulgaria? So use filters on dentalimplantsfriends website, and find out as much as possible and which Bulgarian clinics offer the most affordable prices. What if you’re not sure of which destination you which to explore. We have something easy for that, simply complete an online questionnaire, and you will get 3 recommended clinics within your budget.

So, when you have already chosen 3 or more dental clinics, visit the clinics’ website to know more about their experience and the qualifications of their dentists and surgeons, how many dental implants they carry out a year, what dental implant brands are used, if a clinic is certified and what trusted certificates are held by their dentists (if any).

Once you complete this stage you can move on to the next step, contacting a clinic or clinics of your choice. The most reliable overseas dental clinics answer your mails even within a few hours.  Feel free to discuss your medical situation, see if a clinic offers a free Skype consultation, if they require any additional medical records or if the communication feels right and you understand each other perfectly well. It is also important to investigate if a clinic provides any additional services (e.g. airport transfers, hotel reservations).

Finally, if you feel you like a clinic and dentists, and you are satisfied with prices they offer, book your flight and start your dental holidays to return home relaxed and with the perfect smile you have always wanted.

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