Things To See And Do In Corsica

Although it may be more associated geographically with Italy, if you give it a chance and take the ferry to Corsica you will discover a French paradise.  The island may be located north of Sardinia and sit alongside coastal Italy but as you will see from some of the pointers of great things to see and do on while there, it definitely has a strong French influence.

Explore And Discover Porto Vechhio

A sexy and very sassy resort full of luxury, relaxation and exciting night-life – it is not hard to see why Porto Vechhio is often referred to Corsica’s answer to St Tropez.  The marine area is a modern and lively place with lots of yachts, boats and activity.  Along the quayside there are restaurants that are great to sit and wile the day away in, while there is also a market once a month that is fun to browse and walk around.  For a change of pace, the Old Town is very peaceful and full of historical buildings and sights.

Chill Out On The Beautiful Beaches

Corsica’s coastal line is one of its main draws.  There are many beautiful beaches where you can spend time sunbathing, enjoying snorkelling or swimming.  You can be as active or as inactive as you like.  If you want to do something like learn a new skill there are kit surfing and windsurfing gear and classes available.  It can though be just as nice to sit watching the sun go down at the end of the day with a nice gelato.

Piscia Di Gallu

If you are interested in something a little different from beaches and the usual holiday locations, you should consider visiting the otherworldlyy Ospedale Forest and find among the tranquil and exciting walkways you will find the beautiful I’Ospedale Lake and eventually surrounded by towering mountains a lovely spot known where swimming is not permitted.  Do not worry though as just nearby is Piscia Di Gallu – a waterfall that you can take a refreshing dip in.  There is also an adventure park close by where you can try out tree walking, quad biking and canyoning.

Take A Wander Round The Capital – Ajaccio

Although Porto Vechhio is a very cosmopolitan place, the capital city of the island is a very different type of place.  It sits on the west coast of Corsica and is filled with interesting shops to browse around, restaurants where delicious food is prepared and a harbour dotted and coloured by bright and striking fishing boats.  The most interesting thing though is that the fact that there is a strange and unique mix of Italian and French influences, including the Palais French Museum.

So if you are looking for somewhere different to go instead of your usual haunts on mainland Italy or even France, you may find taking one of the ferries to Corsica to be an enjoyable experience.

Corsica has all the charm of France and Italy combined with incredible vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.


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