Things to Do When You’re in Seattle on Business  



According to Stita Taxi, a popular choice with the companies in the area, if you’re fortunate enough to travel to Seattle on business, you won’t be faced with a dearth of things to do in your off time. No matter how important your business matters may be, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience a few of the landmarks, attractions, and activities for which this remarkable city is known. From whale watching to entertaining clients to riding the elevator to the top of the Space Needle, you’ll have plenty of possibilities worth considering when you visit this urban paradise.

Entertaining Clients

Many business trips involve keeping clients entertained. If this will be the case during your Seattle stay, then be sure to take your clients to the right places. You might start with a meal; if you’re joining your clients early in the day, you could head over to Tom Douglas’s Lola for some tempting gourmet fare. Dinner choices might include wild salmon at Art of the Table, grilled asparagus at Brimmer & Heeltap, or seasonal pizza at Delancey.

Once you and your clients have eaten, you could listen to some music in this city that is famous for unique sounds. You might catch some amazing local blues music at Bad Albert’s Tap & Grill, enjoy the art deco furnishings and touring bands at the Showbox, or sit back and listen to a wide range of genres at the Royal Room.

Getting Outside

You certainly should take advantage of the chance to breathe in some fresh air and the incomparable, revitalizing aroma of seawater. Going on a whale watching excursion is the perfect way to do just that. You might join a day cruise expedition to view the magnificent sea creatures in their habitat. Remember to bring clothing that will keep you warm, and make sure to bring adequate sun protection gear, as well.

You may also want to participate in the local bike sharing program (or you can rent a bike if you prefer to do that). The Burke-Gilman Trail is a greenway worth seeing, and getting a little exercise during a business trip is always a good idea. After you’ve been out for a few hours in this gorgeous natural setting, you’ll be invigorated and ready to tackle whatever business project drew you to the Emerald City.

Remember the Landmarks

If you haven’t previously spent much time in Seattle and aren’t familiar with its incredible landmarks, you must remember to visit at least one or two of them during your trip. Options include the Space Needle (an unforgettable view from the Observation Deck), the Ballard Carnegie Library (a public library that is rich with history and cultural significance), and Pioneer Square (a quaint neighborhood that features a park with a waterfall that is 22 feet high). Another must-see landmark is Pike Place Market, which offers farmers markets, a crafts market, and specialty food stores that you can browse for hours.

Seattle is a great place to visit for both business and pleasure. You will find countless things to do during a single business trip to this destination city. Whether you wish to entertain clients or simply want to roam the place alone in your off time, you may find yourself yearning for a return visit once you go home.

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