Things People Do On Holiday That You Should Probably Avoid

Did you know you are probably more likely to put yourself at risk and in dangerous situations when you are on holiday than when you are at home?  A recent survey was conducted by My Voucher Codes asking more than 2500 Brits 18 years old and over what they have done on holiday that they wouldn’t normally do back home.  The results were very surprising and shows that people generally let their guard down on holiday.

Although it is normal to feel free and easy on holiday and get too caught up in that chilled out mindset, there are things you should keep in mind to ensure you get home safely while having a nice time.  In the following post we look at some of these things, things you would normally avoid at home.

Drinking To The Point Of Blackout

When on holiday, who doesn’t like a drink?  While it’s nice to enjoy some cocktails by the pool or a bowl of sangria at that Spanish restaurant by the river, if you do not exercise caution and drink in moderation you could find yourself in serious trouble.  In the survey stated at the outset of this post, around 18% of the people asked responded that they had drunk too much alcohol to the point of blacking out.

As well as leading to health problems, this can also put you in risk from assault and even if you are lucky and come away unscathed from injury and harm you could be put in to a foreign prison – which would significantly increase the cost of your holiday.  When out drinking on holiday, think to yourself how much you would normally drink and try to stick to a safe limit.

Trusting Strangers

While it may not be a surprise that people drink to excess on holiday, the response more people gave than any other was something of a shock.  Human beings, especially in Britain often find it hard to trust and are suspicious, of people and their motives, particularly of strangers.  It is interesting then that when in holiday mode, this distrusting attitude goes out of the window.  Around 43% of the people interviewed stated that they wouldn’t normally trust strangers back home, but did so on holiday.

While this may seem like very generous and well meaning behaviour, trusting too easily in strangers when you are travelling abroad can be dangerous ground to tread on.  Although it would be unfair to say that everyone you meet is looking to attack, mug, rip you off or otherwise hurt or treat you poorly, there are people out there who see tourists as easy prey and easy money.  It is wiser then to trust your intuition and don’t feel obliged to trust someone just because they smile at you or because you are having a nice time by the beach.

Not Looking After Personal Health

It’s interesting what a little sun, sand and sea can do to make you feel indestructible or make you just care less.  People often follow very strict routines and lifestyles…until they go on holiday.  However, there is a difference between enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and drinking and eating to excess and taking unnecessary health risks such as sleeping less.  There needs to be some kind of balance, or else you could be faced with a hefty health insurance bill.  By all means let your hair down while enjoying a work-free life for a few weeks, but keep in mind that your holiday is only temporary.

If you are interested in learning more about the article and survey this post is inspired by, please check it out at—44-of-Brits-have-put-themselves-in-potentially-dangerous-situations.html

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