The Most Romantic Travel Destinations in the World



Whether you are longing for a secluded beach on which to split a sundowner or two, or you want to make your way, hand-in-hand, through the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city, this list will be able to give you a few ideas on the best destinations for die-hard romantics!

The Stunning Scenery the Seychelles Offers

With lush rainforests tumbling down onto beautiful beaches covered in fine white sand and lapped by warm water, it is hardly surprising that the Seychelles is as intoxicating a destination as it is. There are a number of intimate and exclusive resorts available in terms of accommodation, and, of course, you can take the kind of online pokies NZ has to offer with you wherever you go, so you will always be sorted for a fun way to spend some down time!

The Joy of Jukkasjärvi, in Sweden

Constructed a new each winter, the Ice Hotel is just as much an art project as it is an unusual place to stay! It is situated in Swedish Lapland, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic circle, and this unusual place to stay is able to offer extraordinary views of the astounding Northern Lights.

The Lovely Lake District in England

England’s the Lake District deserves all the hype it has received over the years. There are 16 lakes squeezed in between some of that country’s highest mountains, and all set within just 30 miles in total. It is definitely a place for long walks if you’re feeling fit, villages pleasing to the eye, superb scenery, and some wonderful little pubs at which to spend the evening after you return from your hikes and exploring.

Have Some Fun in Heidelberg, in Germany

This pristine little town is nested within a wooded gorge on the River Necker, and has served to inspire everyone from Goethe right on through to Disraeli thanks to how lovely its setting is.

Seemingly taken straight out of a German fairytale, complete with castles and houses seemingly made of gingerbread, this little town makes for a wonderful way to spend a few days relaxing while you enjoy watching the people go by and tasting some really delicious food.

All the Various Views of Venice

Compelling as ever, Venice boasts the kind of urban landscape that is so rich that even the large amount of tourists milling about cannot detract from its extraordinary beauty. It is at its most magnificent in winter as the mists descend to shroud the canals, but a slow walk through its streets at any time of the year will leave you breathless.

Beautiful Burgh Island in England

The Art Deco hotel situated at Burgh Island, in England , has been associated for a long time with the kind of glamour the days of old seemed seeped in. Period furnishing, and furnish to create the sense that one has stepped back in time. Sip a pint at the ancient smugglers pub, enjoy a dip in the seawater rock pool, and then dig out your glad rags and enjoy a dinner dance in style.

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