The Essential Holiday Checklist

We are all aware of the many destinations, across the world that we can holiday too. In the midst of our excitement for our annual trip away, we can often forget the important things that we need to ensure that our holiday is one that we will never forget. Planning may be dull, but it will ensure that you have the time of your life while you are away from home. How many of us have completed the holiday countdown and declared ‘I cannot believe I have forgotten to do that?!’ cue rushing around in blind panic to complete those final holiday tasks.

This checklist will provide you with all the ammo you need for a perfect holiday, without the blind panic:

Pre-Holiday Checks:

So, you have booked the perfect holiday. There are a couple of checks that you need to follow to ensure that you can arrive at your destination;

Is your passport in date? It is imperative that it is, or you may not be allowed to fly. This onus is on you to check this, not your tour operator.

Do you need visas? Your travel agent should advise you of this, but again, the onus is on you to ensure that you have the relevant documentation to enter the country.

Do you have travel insurance? It is necessary that you purchase travel insurance. The great thing is, many policies are reasonably priced. Should you find your luggage is lost, or you are taken ill, it is always better to have peace of mind. Of course, we hope that you never have to use the insurance, but it is always best to have it.

Have you had your vaccinations? This is only applicable to certain destinations, so check with your GP beforehand. Seek advice at least eight weeks prior to travelling. Your tour operator should advise you of what vaccinations or medicines are needed prior to travelling. Vaccinations should be done well in advance of your travel plans, but your GP will advise of the timeline.

Have you booked the relevant airport parking and transfers? Cheap airport transfers are easy to find, so ensure that these are booked to avoid delays to the airport. Relying on friends can be troublesome, so avoid unexpected cancellations and book an airport transfer. It will save you a headache in the long run!

Have you changed your currency or obtained traveller’s checks? Ensure that you have your credit or debit cards to hand too, to avoid being caught short. Visit the Bureau de Change prior to leaving.

Packing Checks:

We are not in the habit of telling people what to pack for their holidays, so adopt a common sense approach to clothing and footwear. However, there are some items that are often overlooked when packing, that are crucial for your holiday


Sun tan lotion



Diarrhoea tablets

So, you have everything that you need for a successful holiday. Forward planning and organisation may be tedious, but it does guarantee that you will have a wonderful holiday with no nasty surprises.


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