The Boom in Serviced Apartments in Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in UK. The city is popular for its History with the industrial revolutions, its nightlife including some of the finest restaurants and bars, iconic modern buildings and shopping malls and of course theatre and a host to some of the largest organized events and festivals in the region.

According to the United Kingdom Tourism Survey 2010 (UKTS), in 2011 there was an increase of 154,000 more visitors than the previous year and the number is increasing since to new record highs bringing millions of pounds extra to the city economy. With the average visitor spending at least one night and spending an average of £140 towards accommodation, food and drink, it goes without saying the majority of the average spend is going towards a hotel room or the more increasingly popular short stay apartments which proves to be more value for money.


Birmingham is a pleasant city to stay in with a diverse range of culture having distinct areas populated with all types of people, food and shops. When it comes to staying in Birmingham you will be amazed by the choice the city has to offer. You will find an abundance of places to stay that is suited for every individual and purpose.

Amongst the most common places to stay, Birmingham has a wealth of hotels including recently developed modern 4 star hotels including Hotel indigo and Hotel La Tour and not to mention the popular Marriot and Hyatt and also the recently refurbished Holiday Inn. Over the last decade there has been a large increase in the number of Apartments in Birmingham city center due to iconic building conversations such as the rotunda building and new regeneration programs along with private developers taking advantage of the new trends and hype about the high speed rail at the grand central. They serve a mix of purposes for families to students, professionals and also investors and businesses who offer well managed serviced apartments for short stay. Due to the popularity of city living the trend of such self-catered accommodation has become a winning choice over hotels. So why the boom in short stays in serviced apartments? There are many reasons for this but I have pulled out the top ranking reasons to why more and more visitors are opting to stay in serviced apartments over hotels.

Why stay in Serviced Apartments rather than Hotels?

  • More Spacious and better value for money
  • More in-room facilities
  • Self-catering options with kitchen and dining space
  • More private
  • Better parking facilities
  • Flexible with a more personal service and attention
  • Balcony

After doing a lot of research and staying in many apartments around city centre I have categorized the serviced apartments in three sections;

  1. Modern, Contemporary and Homely
  2. Stylish, Cool with Views
  3. Corporate

Starting with the first and most popular category amongst our visitors which include families and couples I have found a hidden gem for you all that is fast becoming noticed as a trusted brand with some really good reviews and quality accommodation. I am talking about Comfort Zone which some of you must have already come across whilst looking for serviced apartments in Birmingham city centre.  If you are looking for a homely touch, a quiet and comfortable night sleep but being close to all the main amenities of the city centre then this is our best recommendation.  Close to the Mailbox and a few extra minutes’ walk linking to Broad Street, Brindley Place, ICC and the NIA, Bull Ring Shopping Centre and Grand central train station, this serviced apartments complex has it all.

The second category is popular amongst the young crowd who love city views and want that high life feeling. If you are looking for something different with breathtaking views with a higher budget, then Staying Cool Apartments located in the iconic rotunda has a class of its own. They also have a few penthouses which can be rented out for small parties a perfect location for the high flyers.

Our third category of include business and corporate visitors alike who attend exhibitions, shows and general meetings during the day and like to be close to bars, restaurants in the evening, close to the main transport link or on-site parking. If you are looking for a corporate stay apartment with related facilities, then I have to again recommend Comfort Zone Serviced Apartments. Yes, the name appears again and I have no doubt that once you stayed here it will speak for itself.

If you would like to look around and judge for yourself then we recommend visiting which gives a good comparison of short stay apartments with a good source of reviews and plenty of extra photos from the guests who have previously stayed in the listed accommodations.

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