The Benefits of E-Cigarettes over Traditional Tobacco in Toronto

Most smokers in Toronto have heard about ecigarettes by now. This trend, which is commonly referred to as vaping, offers a number of significant advantages over traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you are in the process of trying to decide if you should make the move to e-cigarettes, consider the many benefits they offer.

No Smoke

When smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, there is quite a bit of smoke produced. Also, when you inhale you are taking a number of dangerous chemicals and toxins into your body. However, when you utilize an e-cig, the device only creates a completely odorless vapor that is completely safe for you, as well as anyone around you.

Since there is no actual smoke produced by the e-cig, you will have more freedom to smoke in public areas where traditional cigarettes are often discouraged.

More Affordable

The cost that is associated with smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette can be extremely high. This is usually due to the state and federal taxes put on tobacco. One pack of cigarettes can cost as much as$12 based on the brand that is bought. This means that many people are spending up to $300 each month on just cigarettes. Over a year, this equates to just under $5,000.

However, e-cigarettes are a fraction of the price of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Once you have purchased the ecigarette starter kit and other initial supplies, you will only have to buy the additional cartridges. This is often a fraction of what you would pay for a new pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Environmentally Friendly

When you light up a traditional cigarette you will be potentially hurting and actually hurting the environment in a number of ways. For example, each lit cigarette, carelessly discarded represents the potential for a fire. Also, the smoke pollutes the environment, which is already in a dire state. E-cigarettes will not catch anything on fire and since the vapor that is produced is nothing more than water vapor, it has no adverse effect on the atmosphere.

Pretty Smile and Nice Breath

When e-cigs are selected over traditional tobacco cigarettes, you will experience great flavors that don’t discolor the teeth or cause bad breath. There are also quite a few flavors to choose from making it an exciting purchase each time you buy a new cartridge.

If you are ready to learn more about e-cigarettes and all the benefits they offer, visit the Dash Vapes website or the store in Toronto. You will love the huge selection of e-cigs available.

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