Technology In Sport



It’s one of our favourite pastimes, whether we watch it, or take part in the action sports have long been our go to place where we separate individual greatness and team achievement in the fairest manner possible. It’s all about the glory on the world stage!

It’s the hope of being paraded on the world stage, athletes push themselves beyond their breaking limits to attain true glory; winning gold for your country at the Olympics epitomizes the biggest achievement in sports.

It’s a new world, and athletes from every sporting discipline use technology to their advantage to get the best results and to test their fitness and performance levels. It’s not just for individual athletes or team performance management either; technology has shaken up many sports disciplines allowing for new and improved assessments and calls.

Is Technology Taking Away The Thrill? 

There are many people that celebrate new age sporting tech, but there are also those that argue against certain tech in sports. One such argument comes into play in the surfing world. There are countless of new devices in water-sports making waves in the industry.

In surfing, people have access to high-end professional drones that can actually pull you around in the water. Obviously someone else would need to fly the drone but this takes away from the overall challenge of standing up by yourself.

Some tech establishments have taken it even further and invented a board that stays completely buoyant no matter what, they have also added a motor for something called motorized surfing.

Precision Through Technology 

New advances in technology have helped sports become a lot fairer than ever before. The referee, linesman or umpire can’t truly catch every single moment in the game, but cameras can.

Camera technology in sports has been around upon in contact sports like soccer and rugby and other more gentlemen like games such as cricket. With a steady replay of the action it’s more than possible to decide on a fair and pleasant outcome that suits the best interest of the game itself.

Recover Faster With The Aid Of Tech 

Technology may be a big helper on the sports field and when enjoying the online betting NZ has to offer, and it also has a vital role to play off the sports field too. When athletes are injured, modern technology is applied to help athletes recover faster.

Recovery and overall conditioning is achieved with the help of technology, a convenient solution that has shaved off recovery time by months. The technological advances in medicine are also a big helper, allowing athletes to do more in less time, getting them fight back on the field.

For All Walks Of Life

Technology doesn’t just come to the rescue of the athletes we see on television regularly. It’s also there for the lesser-known athletic groups such as the Paralympics.

Prosthetic legs and wheel chairs have been given complete overhauls allowing for more range of motion and better performance. This has helped athletes with disabilities to feel whole again and has given them the opportunity to compete in a world that is made for them too.

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