Squaring Your House Away for a Tenant


Getting ready to travel across the globe is an amazingly exciting time. In between meeting up one last time pre-departure with friends and family, arranging your tickets, making hotel reservations, planning your itinerary, and purchasing all of the travel gear you will need while abroad, you’ll also need to arrange your domestic affairs. 

If you have a car, who is going to look after it while you are gone? Will you hand it over to a friend or family member for safe-keeping while allowing them to make use of it in your absence? Will you try to rent it out to someone to make a little cash in the meantime? Or will you sell it and put those funds toward paying for your trip abroad? 

If you’ve got a home, you most certainly plan to rent it out during your time abroad. You definitely want to set yourself up for success by fixing up any cosmetic issues first. No one is saying you need to complete an entire remodel prior to renting out your home- simply make sure you’ve painted over any glaring marks on the walls, patched up minor dings where doorknobs hit the wall, re-grouted showers and baths, etc. 

If you are new to home repair, you should definitely check out the excellent resources available at Wickes. The great deals and expert staff will help you get any job done. Often, Groupon runs great discounts from Wickes, so be sure to check them out for even more savings. If you’ve worked on your home before, you already know that Wickes can help you with any project- whether it’s building a new deck, fixing a garage door, or installing new windows. You want something to help make your house a better home? You will find it at Wickes. 

Make sure to take care of your home and find a tenant who will do the same. You will find higher quality tenants the better quality you maintain your home in. If you treat your home poorly, you’re much more likely to find someone who will do the same. By finding the best quality tenant you can, you’re going to have an easy way to fund your trip abroad while keeping your home properly taken care of for your return.

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