Sicily, top attractions in Trapani

Trapani is the perfect base for exploring the western part of Sicily. An ancient fishing village and port, Trapani is now renowned for it’s fantastic seafood and mouthwatering Sicilian cuisine. Make sure to book your vacation in Sicily beforehand, especially in the summer months, because it can get crowded. And you can easily find an accommodation in Sicily renting a holiday villa online.  This old Phoenician trading post was also very important during the Middle Ages, as its location made for quick routes to the western Mediterranean, Naples, and Africa. The old town is filled with well-preserved medieval architecture that you won’t find in the rest of Sicily. It is also close to the enchanting town of Erice and the beautiful Egadi Islands, making it the perfect home base for a western Sicilian vacation.

Here are my must-see attractions while you’re in Trapani:

Cerfs volants

Erice – Take the cable car from the center of town up to Erice, a hilltop town above Trapani. You can see the whole coastline, all of Trapani, and even the salt mines. In the center of the town is a medieval castle that opens up as a dance club in the summer months. Now who wouldn’t want to dance in an old castle overlooking the western Mediterranean Sea? The adventurous traveler can book a paragliding adventure from Erice down to Trapani.

Twighlight Tour of the Old Town – Especially in the summer, Trapani get’s blazing hot during the day. So spend your morning and afternoon at the beach where you can cool off in the ocean. Around twilight, you can book a tour or just wander on your own into the Old Town. Here you will find very well-preserved medieval architecture, fantastic colors, and a wonderful view of the sunset over the white sand beach.


San Vito Lo Capo – This summer paradise is just a 45 minute drive from Trapani. It is home to the whitest sand on the island, which results in the crystal clear water. Spend a day at the beach, or head over during the famous Couscous Festival (usually in September) for a taste of some true Sicilian couscous. San Vito Lo Capo is also the home of the annual Sicilian Kite Festival.

Egadi Islands – These fabulously pristine islands are just a 25 minute boat ride from Trapani. The journey itself is gorgeous, and you won’t be disappointed by the beautiful beaches and top-notch scuba diving locations. The water here is crystal clear and visibility is fantastic for scuba, snorkeling, and swimming. The most famous of the islands is Favignana, which is also called “the butterfly island” because of its shape – like a butterfly!

beach of favignana. aegadian island

Marsala – Marsala is 45 minutes driving from Trapani and is where Sicily’s salt mines are located. You can visit the mines, the old mills, and have a wonderful seaside meal in the town center. Make sure to try the famous Marsala wine.

Segesta – Just 25 minutes from Trapani, the Segesta ruins are home to one of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world. There is also an impressive amphitheater. The preservation is very impressive and I definitely recommend checking them out, even if you’re not a history buff.

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