Scenic Drives In Canada



Why not book a fly-drive holiday to Canada and visit stunning locations such as the Rocky Mountains or the townships of Quebec?

Canada is the second largest country in the world and is an absolutely stunning place to visit. Whilst train and air travel operates extensively throughout the region, one of the best ways to get across this huge expanse of land is by road. This allows you to take in some truly breath-taking scenery and experience the varying cultures of the territories.

Here are some of the finest road trips you can enjoy within Canada. Always remember to take out global travel insurance to protect your travel plans against any unforeseen circumstances arising.

Vancouver To Tofino

Vancouver makes a great starting point for any Canadian road trip as it is easily accessible for international flights. It is a picturesque yet trendy city on the west coast of Canada. Take a ferry up to Nanaimo, then join the Pacific Rim Highway for a pretty drive amongst mountains, lakes and coastal scenery on your route to the surfing capital in Tofino. Bear sightings are not out of the ordinary on this particular trip so keep your eyes peeled.

Rocky Mountains

You can start this road trip in Edmonton and finish in Calgary or do it in reverse. Just make sure you allow up to a week for this beautiful adventure. You’ll take in the UNESCO World Heritage parks of Jasper National Park near Edmonton or the National Park in the vicinity of Calgary. Expect to see waterfalls, glaciers and snow-capped scenes.

Vancouver To Whistler

The BC Highway 99 is a scenic road that follows the Coast Mountains along its 2 hour driving route. It is regularly labelled as being one of the most magnificent drives in the whole of North America and for good reason. You will wind your way between the coast and the ocean, stopping regularly if you wish to enjoy the view from designated stopping points. The Shannon Falls and Squamish River are some of the highlights of this trip.

Eastern Townships Of Quebec

Why not indulge in a little history during your trip to Canada and head to the Eastern townships in the French-speaking Quebec region? The drive north of Montreal will allow you to take in rolling hills and orchards mixed in with Benedictine monasteries where they make their own cheese. The production of cider is also popular in the region.

The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

A road trip on Cape Breton Island takes in spectacular coastal views set amongst sheer cliffs and striking lighthouses. Break up your drive by enjoying activities such as kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, swimming or horseback riding. The area is also famous for its impressive golf courses, so be sure to pack your clubs in the boot of your car!

Canada Day takes place on the 1st July each year which is the anniversary of the Constitution Act, 1867. Celebrations occur throughout the country and are also observed overseas in areas where Canadians typically reside. If you’ve been inspired by any Canadian parties taking place in your local area, then why not book a fly-drive holiday to Canada soon?

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