Sailing in Split, Croatia: A Quick Guide to Some of the Closest Marinas

If you’re thinking about sailing in Croatia, you have a beautiful adventure ahead of you. This Mediterranean paradise offers a mix of culture, interesting sailing conditions and land based things to see. It also has its fair share of good cuisine and wines.

One of the most popular places to fly into and pick up your yacht is Split. Here we’ll share a bit of insider knowledge on the best marinas in the area. Read on for information to help you understand these marinas’ distances from the airport and what is available in terms of provisioning, restaurants and nightlife.

Starting off in the actual Split Marina you’ll find good yachting facilities. A number of charter companies are based here and you can easily walk into town for good restaurants and nightlife. You can also provision from a local shop and larger super markets within walking distance.

Seget Donji, Split Marina

As you can imagine, this marina is close to the airport although driving in through traffic can take a fair amount of time.

The Kastela Marina is also easily reached from the airport. It is a purpose built marina and has good facilities, a basic local shop and supermarkets close by, but just one place for coffee and food; you won’t find much more even in the town of Kastela.

Trogir is again, close to the airport. It also has the benefit of being very picturesque, so if you set off from here it will make your first impression of sailing in Croatia a dream! There are various places to provision and you can walk to the old town for restaurants and bars. It is a small marina with few charter companies.

If you’re willing to drive an hour from the airport the Marina Baska Voda does make for a good place to start and end your charter, allowing you to do a full loop all the way up to the Kornati Islands and back if you so desire. There are small local shops in the village but you can go to Makarska for bigger shopping opportunities. This marina is home to just one charter company, which does limit your options for using it as a base.

South of Baska Voda is Krvavica and the Marina Ramova. Also more than an hour from the Split airport this is a small marina with no town (the closest would be Baska Voda) although it does have a small bar and restaurant.

Aerial helicopter shot of St. Nicholas Fortress - Sibenik archipelago, Croatia, Spilt
There is also of course the option of flying in to the Zadar airport, which puts you in closer proximity to the more northern marinas of Zaton and Sibenik among others. You can also venture to the idyllic town of Murter; an excellent place to sail to set sail for the Kornati Islands.

Further information on sailing in Croatia can be found here, as well as discounted charters from the leading operators. This information comes from the LateSail team’s latest in-depth reconnaissance trip to the region. We are experts on Croatia and more than willing to help you plan a wonderful charter for your group. Contact us for more information.

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