Planning Your Casino Break in The USA

Are you the kind of person who loves the idea of glitz and glamour, great entertainment and lots to eat and drink? Or are you someone who loves the thrill of a good game of poker, chancing your luck on the slots or rolling the dice at the craps table? Whether you are a fan of luxury and fun or a serious gambling enthusiast, a casino break in America can be the perfect getaway.

Where to Go

When most people think about casinos in America, the first place that springs to mind is of course, the world’s casino hub, Las Vegas. Due to the gambling laws in Nevada, Vegas can offer some styles of betting casinos in other states can’t for example betting on live sports. It is also the place to go if you want to see the grandest and most impressive casinos with the most impressive entertainment. However, Vegas isn’t the only place where you can have a fantastic casino based trip. If you are coming from Europe and would prefer a shorter flight, Atlantic City is the East Coast’s equivalent of Vegas, or, if you want the benefits of Vegas but on a smaller scale, Reno is Nevada’s second gambling city. There are also plenty of other good casinos to visit in other states. Native American reservations often feature really cool casinos, and these are subject to different laws to those outside of reservations – one notable difference being that you can often smoke indoors in designated areas.

What You Need To Know

Unlike many European casinos, you don’t normally need to undergo a credit check prior to betting in a US casino, but you will need ID to prove you are of age to gamble. In America they tend to play it safe when it comes to asking for age identification, so don’t assume that just because you are in your forties you won’t need a passport or driver’s license to gamble or buy alcohol! House rules for different games like blackjack vary from casino to casino, so check you know what the rules are before you join a table. Cameras are everywhere in US casinos, as you might expect, so you will be required to use hand gestures at card tables to indicate to them when you are making requests to the dealer like to stand or hit.

Get Prepared

If you want to truly prepare yourself and get your game rules knowledge and general casino skills up to scratch before you go, try using an online casino for a while before your vacation? Play with something like Royal Vegas casino games for a few weeks and you will know exactly what to expect at a real casino, and you may of course win some extra spending money to take with you!

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