Planning a picturesque escape to Corsica

Situated just over 100 miles off the south coast of France, Corsica is home to diverse natural landscapes of incomparable beauty.  At the heart of the island more than 100 mountainous peaks stretch to the sky.  The highest of which are snow covered until late spring and can be reached by stunning scenic trails.  A large national park covers most of the island, which is lush green and verdant like no other part of the Mediterranean.  Corsica’s coast is lined with stylish and sophisticated coastal towns and white sandy beaches edged by deep blue sparkling waters.  Between the mountains and the shore, hundreds of historical villages and quaint chapel towns can be found nestled among rolling fields.  The local people are proud of their rich culture and cuisine; melding the best of what France and Italy have to offer into something quintessentially Corsican.  Few vacation destinations have more to offer than this Mediterranean gem.

Whether you prefer an active vacation involving hiking, canyoning, and water-sports or a glamorous beach holiday with shopping in exclusive boutiques, Corsica really does have something to offer everyone.  For those interested in historical or cultural tours – there is little that can beat taking in the vineyards, wine tasting, cuisine, music, and life on the island.  Kids’ activities might involve tree-top walks and adventure playgrounds.  The family oriented Corsican lifestyle offers a warm welcome everywhere.

No visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days, so you can focus on putting together an itinerary to make the most of your trip with the minimum of hassle before you leave.  This gives you time to choose the best locations, activities and accommodation for your stay.

The accommodation you choose is central to planning a successful trip – as your requirements will differ depending on the type of vacation you are planning.  Luckily Corsica has it all.  If you are looking to hike and enjoy the great outdoors, you may be travelling on a budget – hostels are a great place to rest your head and meet like-minded travelers.  Used simply as a base, these are cheap and welcoming.  The island has many family-friendly hotels with specially designed activity packages and large suites, as well as self-catering accommodation so you can enjoy all the island has to offer without a strict schedule.  For a romantic and relaxing get away – there is a multitude of charming Corsican hotels in rural locations and exclusive coastal towns that provide a perfect escape with a little bit of luxury.

Relais du Silence offers a range of specially selected hotels that offer the ultimate comfort, peace and, tranquility to guests.  All hotels listed on the site are hand-picked in line with the philosophy of helping you relax in a beautiful natural location, getting close to nature without roughing it.  Savor the beauty of nature with long peaceful walks, morning yoga, specially prepared healthy and delicious cuisine, or nights spent in sophistication and comfort.  Hotel descriptions contain easy reference labels to help you know if a hotel offers family friendly rooms, wellness and spa facilities, seminar/business facilities, recognized gourmet restaurant, or an eco-commitment so you can easily choose the best one for your needs.

Given Corsica’s proximity to the sensational Cote d’Azur – it is well worth tying a visit to this exclusive stretch of French coastline in with your trip.  With streets and harbors lined with incredible yachts and villas, no destination is more glamourous.  Whether shopping or celebrity spotting – spending a night or two in a charming hotel in the Cote d’Azur is a perfect complement to a Corsican vacation and well worth looking into.

There are few locations with so much to offer as Corsica and the French Riviera.  By carefully planning your stay, you can be sure to enjoy everything on offer.

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