Perfect Road Trip Cars

As we head further into spring, you know what that means, don’t you? Summer is just a couple of months away. And with summer comes the prospect of some great road trips. Perhaps you are currently looking to invest in a new car and know you will be heading off on quite a few road trips, not just through summer, but at other points in the year. Are you having trouble deciding on which car is best for you and your needs? You’ve come to the right place as we’re going to look closely at what we consider to be some of the best cards for road trips.

BMW 328D XDrive 2019 Sports Wagon

Although many diesel cars have been vilified in recent years, not all models should be tarred with the same brush. Diesel is a great choice for longer distance travelling because you can often get great fuel economy from it. Take the BM 328D XDrive for instance. It offers 40mpg on highways, which makes it incredibly competitive in this category.

Obviously, the engine is only one part of the story when it comes to a great road trip car. However, BMW also deliver on a number of other fronts, including the spacious interior and the option to change driving moves to give you a smoother or stiffer ride, depending on your preference. Thanks to its all-wheel-driving system, you can have the confidence to handle all types of weather conditions.

Honda HR-V 2019

Based on the Fit, Honda’s recent release that gave proof that for a car to be good value for money it didn’t have to have cheap and naff interior and squashed dimensions, the HR-V brings an additional layer of practicality. It is the smallest of Honda’s crossovers, but still provides 6.7-inches of ride height and the amazing Magic Seat layout on the interior that means you can configure the seating with 5 very different modes, lounge, utility, tall, split and normal. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? For all those long journeys when your needs change along the way.

However, the main selling point of this model is the price, and the fact it is capable of 34mpg on highways and 28mpg through the city. You’ll also be pleased to note it has the kind of safety features you’d expect from Honda. Speak to your local dealer if this, of all the new Hondas attracts you.

Volvo XC90 2019

No one will ever argue the point that Volvo make exceptionally elegant, sophisticated and crucially, safe driving machines. That’s not even up for debate. However, the XC90 makes us revaluate everything we thought we knew the manufacturer was capable of. It’s fair to say that as an SUV, the XC90 has one of the best interiors ever. If you’re looking to travel in a group on that road trip, you need to seriously consider the XC90, thanks to its efficiency and the smart tech that’s incorporated into it.

It’s built with a Bowers and Wilkins Sound System and has several listening modes to choose from, including stadium, concert hall and studio. As well as that there’s the semi-auto tech that makes driving even more laidback and probably one of the easiest to use touchscreen interfaces on the market.

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