On the Move – London on a Bus

Along with the main attractions of the Victorian capital, the red buses are somewhat mobile edifices charting the roads that take you to the stationary monuments. The network is exceptionally well defined, taking tourists every day to the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Bridge, etc. Save yourself the hassle of changing trains and cabs all day long and see London on an open double decker bus. Whether you choose to stay at one of the hotels in London City Centre or in the outskirts, you’ll find a route that suits your excursion demands.

A Night on the Bus

The bus service makes traveling through the night quite simple. They continue their services from midnight till 5 in the morning, when the tube is closed, making all of London accessible throughout the day at half the price. Your destination is Trafalgar Square where all night buses take off into the night.

Route to the Heart of London

The routes through the city are specially mapped to cover a list of areas and attractions that are particularly interesting to tourists.

  • Route 11 (Fulham to Liverpool) – on the way to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, the 11 passes through the King’s Road in Chelsea and the stylish streets of Belgravia.
  • Route 9 (Aldwych to Hammersmith) – the tour takes you through the most affluent areas of the city with sights such as the Ritz, Piccadilly, and the Green Park. It is the one of the oldest routes that crosses the Knightsbridge, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gardens and the likes.
  •  Route 24 (Pimlico to Hampstead Heath) – beginning from the Westminster Cathedral, the bus takes enthusiasts through Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column, and the famous theatre district – Tin Pan Alley.


While it is particularly satisfying to behold the wonders from the double decker, you can choose to get off at more than 100 select places and get on the subsequent buses on the route in less than 5 pounds.

Cheap is cheap

Take your pick of places in the city and choose the route accordingly; you will still be spending less than what you spend traveling via the tube. To say nothing of the fortune you’ll lose with the cab. With just £1.50, you can travel wherever you please within an hour.

While some buses stop only at designated destinations, there are others that allow you to hop on and off on request. More than 8000 buses run the streets to take you across the city; all low floor for the convenience of wheelchair users, people with prams, assistance dogs and other mobility impairments. Choose a good bed and breakfast in London and spend the day exploring this prominent cultural capital of the world on the red icon!

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