Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen Review

I don’t know about anyone else reading this, but I don’t think I am the only person who finds it tricky trying to use touch-screen devices, particularly outside in the colder weather.  At home, I am fine using my tablet and phone without the use of a stylus, but that all changes the minute I step out of the house.

Although I know many touch-screen devices come with a free stylus, but I always seem to lose them.  I was looking for a while for a suitable alternative, because if I bought another stylus the same thing would happen.  That is when I came across the Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen, which I will be reviewing in this post.

What Is The Olixar Laserlight Stylus Pen?

The thing that immediately drew my attention to the Laserlight Stylus Pen from Olixar is the fact that it was multi-functional.  I figured if I was going to spend money on something I would be taking out and about with me, it would be best to pick something that was designed with more than one purpose in mind.

This particular stylus pen is just that, as is not only doubles as a stylus to give you more accurate control for your touch screen gadgets and a ballpoint pen whenever you need to take physical notes; it also functions as a laser pointer and a mini LED torch!  Great, no more struggling to press the right on-screen buttons in the dark while waiting for a taxi or a bus for me!


Is This Laserlight Stylus Pen Any Good?

So, I’m sure you are interested in whether or not this multi-functional stylus pen from Olixar is actually any good?  In order to give the gadget a fair review, I will look at each of the functions individually.


As a stylus pen, the Olixar Laserlight is really very good.  Not only is it highly responsive and gives you better accuracy when controlling those pesky touch-screen devices (I use mine on my tablet and smartphone when I am out and about, almost every time unless I am in a rush), but it actually feels really nice to hold.  Sometimes these miniature accessories can feel uncomfortable and awkward, but I am happy to report that this one isn’t.

Ballpoint Pen (Refillable)

I have yet to refill the ballpoint part that forms part of the Laserlight.  However, I can say that the few times I have used it to make some notes and fill in a few forms it has worked as well as you would expect a reliable ballpoint pen to.  Which is actually saying more than it seems because when you consider the amount of money you might spend on ballpoint pens throughout the course of a year, compared to having this multi-function accessory instead.

Laser Pointer

Now to the last two functions that I was not expecting to amount to much, but figured there was nothing to lose.  The laser pointer is actually really rather bright.  Even on a very bright afternoon, you will still be able to see the laser, which is very impressive.

Mini LED Torch

Apart from the actual stylus function, this has actually become the main reason I take it out of my bag in the evening as it has been helpful seeing in the dark.  I imagine I will use it even more as we get deeper into winter.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a stylus pen and are not looking for anything else, I would still suggest that you give this your consideration because you can never be without a working pen in sturdy casing and a torch will always keep you in the light.

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