Moving to Fort Worth: Information to Get You Settled in a Snap

The state of Texas is a great place to live and Fort Worth is not only one of the largest cities within the state but it is also makes the top 20 list of the largest cities across the nation, so there is no doubt it has a lot to offer anyone wanting to set up home there.

Many people consider Fort Worth to be the cultural gateway to the American west and since the beginning, when it was created as an army outpost, the city has continued to develop and grow into a modern environment that offers pretty much everything you need for a great family and working life.

When you start looking around at the properties available through Fort Worth realtors, you soon realise there is an amazing choice of homes for you to settle into, so if you are considering a move to the area, here is some key information that will help you to get you settled in a snap.

Neighborhoods and districts

Fort Worth spans across an incredible 300 square miles so as you would expect, there are many different neighborhoods and districts to consider as a place you would like to settle into. There are nearly 80 different neighborhoods and you will find that each one offers their own separate attractions and diversity when compared to another, so you might want to get more of a feel for the districts by exploring the official city council website and see what is going on in a and around the area that you might be looking at.

Living in the city

You will be pleased to hear that the average cost of living for Fort Worth is nearly 10% lower than the national average which means that living in this vibrant city compares very favourably to a lot of other places of a similar size.

To arrive at this comparison, various living expenses are analyzed such as living costs, transportation costs, plus food and utilities. It also helps greatly that the median family income in Fort Worth comes in at just over $54,000, which is marginally higher than the national average for family income, so living in this city gives you the chance to potentially earn more and spend less on living expenses.


The vast majority of public schools in Fort Worth are operated by the Fort Worth Independent School District but you will also find that there are 15 other school districts spread around the city and surrounding areas that also serve sections of the metropolitan area.

You can also find a good selection of private and charter schools at various locations throughout the city with an enviable network of colleges and universities all contributing to an excellent educational system in this part of Texas.

Sporting and cultural heritage

Fort Worth is within close proximity of Dallas and that means that sports fans are well catered for, and if culture is your thing then there are many art museums to choose from varying from the Amon Carter Museum of American Art to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, amongst a host of many interesting and stimulating attractions to enjoy in your spare time.

When you look at all that Fort Worth has to offer, it is easy to imagine how quickly you could settle into a great lifestyle when you make the move and come to this popular part of Texas.

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