Monster Hunting Around the World

As humans, we are shutting down more and more mysteries every day. We are constantly making new discoveries, new findings and adding to our ever-expanding understanding of our planet. But there are some mysteries that have evaded us. They have evaded us for years, decades, even centuries. And you could be the one to solve them.

Yes, we are talking about monsters! The mystery no one has been able to solve. They have stalked us, attacked us, kidnapped us and haunted us for so long but no one has been able to prove their existence. Well, it is time for you to rise above and go where no man has gone before.

Silver Fern Holidays have made these funky illustrations that tell you where these monsters have been seen, what clues they’ve been known to leave behind and what equipment you need to find these mythical monsters.


Bigfoot is the monster VIP. He’s known all over the world by both humans and monsters. He’s managed to stay underground and incognito for all these years, but could it be a matter of time before Bigfoot is exposed? This 2.5 metre tall ape-man isn’t exactly hard to miss, after all.

His feet check in at 22 inches, he has toes the size of fingers, fingers the size of forearms and you do not want to end up on his bad side. It is thought that Bigfoot has been hiding in the forests of the Pacific Northwest for all these years, but as you can see from our card he has been sighted all over North America.

There have been nearly 3,500 sightings of Bigfoot in the last 100 years. Is he out there, or do we just want him to be? One thing’s for sure, if you can find Bigfoot, you won’t have to pay for another drink in your life. If that’s not incentive enough, then what is?

The Loch Ness Monster

Nessie is an old Scottish dear and we are apprehensive to use the term monster to describe her. Not much is known about ol’ Nessie. All we know is that she might be a dinosaur? The Nessie legend began around 1,500 years ago after an abbot called Adomnán wrote about the Irish monk Saint Columba, who encountered the Loch Ness Monster and even got into a little scrape with it whilst swimming in the lake.

There’s not much mention of Nessie from then until the 1930s and the famous ‘Surgeon’s Photograph’ has been the basis of what we think Nessie looks like for years. The naysayers claim that Loch Ness couldn’t hold a monster of her size and seem to think that they have debunked her existence, but we still believe. We’re never going to give up on Nessie and neither should you. Be warned, the Scottish weather is more frightful than lovely ol’ Nessie.


The Chupacabra earned its name from the fashion of its grisly livestock murders. Known to suck the blood dry of its victims through small punctures, ‘Chupacabra’ translates literally as goat sucker. It was first spotted in Puerto Rico in 1995 and since then, sightings have been pouring in.

They are the bane of farmer’s’ lives in central America, who can’t keep their livestock away from these vicious creatures. No one can be sure exactly what they look like, but they are known to hop like a kangaroo and have a long, reptilian body.

It is not known whether they are hostile to humans, so unless you are a sheep, you may be okay to go and spot one. It’s still a deadly force to be reckoned with, though. Be cautious with this one, you don’t want to be the Chupacabras’ first human casualty.


Deep below the surface of Australia’s secluded waterways, swamps and creeks are evil water spirits that haunt the areas around the nation’s largest city, Sydney. Bunyips are real scary creatures, who have been known to hunt humans. We say it’s time to turn the tables and try and spot one of them for a change.

Keep your eyes peeled for discarded remains by the water, flipper prints and listen out for their distinctive, booming call. If you find a Bunyip, you need to take a picture and then get the hell out of there. No one has been able to accurately recall what a Bunyip looks like because they’ve always been too terrified to document it. Could you be the one to get these Bunyips on the record once and for all?


These tricky little forest sprites are much more dangerous than meets the eye. The Patupaiarehe occupy the dense forests of New Zealand. They are extremely pale, have bright blue eyes and will try to lure you in with their ethereal flute music. Don’t be fooled by the pipe’s dulcet tones. The Patupaiarehe aren’t always kind to humans.

Said to be from another world, these little spirits target people in the forests, luring them from the trails and kidnapping them. They have been rumoured to pass on knowledge from other worlds to those they take, or they are hostile to them. They aim particularly to attack young, attractive women so make sure you have your ear buds with you to avoid being sucked in by their beautiful flutes.

If you see any unusual patches of mist in the forest or hear some low-level chattering, you may be in their presence. Exercise caution and have your wits about you. You’ll either be taken to another world to see what no one else has seen before or you’ll face a grislier fate.


The Abominable Snowman is Bigfoot’s cousin. Bigfoot got so famous that the Yeti doesn’t hear from Bigfoot anymore. So, he potters around the Himalayan Mountains, by himself, spooking the locals and eating sheep to pass the time. The Yeti is perhaps just as well-known as Bigfoot yet doesn’t get the same amount of attention as him.

Admittedly, this is probably because much less people think that they can find the Yeti. And they’re right. He’s a giant man-ape with white fur, hiding in the pure white snowy landscape of the brutal Himalayan Mountains. It’s not like you could just have a casual stroll around, could you?

You’re going to want to employ the help of a Sherpa if you are to undertake this task. The Abominable Snowman doesn’t want to be found, just like his famous cousin Bigfoot, but with some hard work and determination, you could prove his existence to the world.

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