Keep Yourself Secure In The New World



It’s daunting and life changing all at the same time. Life is online, and your life is no different. The world is changed and we access information at the click of a button. You simply must convert to be apart of the new world that is slowly starting to replace all traditional norms.

The fact that your life is online is a daunting thought; all of your information is floating about the super highway with potential threats lurking on the net. You need to be smart and take great care when operating online, there’s always a risk in anything private or public. These tips will help keep you secure in an online world.

The Social Sphere 

Social media has replaced traditional communication and allowed for content creation and consumption in new ways. We gravitate towards social platforms to keep in the loop and up to date with the world around us.

Social media is the new source of breaking news and we look towards these platforms to keep informed and engaged with the world around us. We also interact on social media and this can have a knock on effect.

Be wise about the type of content you post online. If you put your private life out there for the world to see, anyone potentially has access to your personal details, such as where you live and where you currently are located. This in itself can open up the door to potential threats.

Be Web Wise 

The network you access should always be secure; even if you’re operating in a secure domain you should always take extra precautions and use a firewall. Firewalls are your first line of defence, they operate like electronic barriers, barring unauthorized access and restricting your domain to secure powered devices.

Firewalls don’t just protect what you’re browsing either; any smart device with an Internet connection can be vulnerable. Your homes thermostat, or even a home security camera is at the mercy of a hacker if your network is breeched. Get comprehensive security cover for all your devices and it should include an up to scratch firewall that will secure all your hardware. Even your mobile phone may be at risk, especially if you go online and play games, so be mindful of this too.

Keep Them Guessing With Complex Passwords 

Passwords are easily looped around especially if you use basic passwords that can easily be hacked. 1234 is a temporary password and you should never use such a minimalist password, especially for an account that holds sensitive data. When you do anything that requires a password, from creating a live sports betting account to signing up with a bank or other ecommerce service provider, you need a secure password.

Remember to keep separate passwords for all your accounts. Make your password complex by adding capital letters, numbers and even lesser known signs such as exclamations.

Read Everything Before Clicking 

If you navigate through the web, blindly clicking on links and adverts you are opening yourself up to threats. You need to be aware of spam emails, online quizzes and advertisements that seem to good to be true.

These media types are often devised in such a way to get you to divulge personals details and leave you open to impending threats. Once you have given away these details there little to nothing you can do online, so you need to be prepared and avert them at every click online.

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