Keep fit while travelling

Whether you are travelling on holiday, business or on an epic adventure, we all have to get out of our comfort zone and work out in unfamiliar places.

Our normal workouts might be changed when travelling:

  • If you are used to a good nights sleep but then all of a sudden you are in a different time zone and in a bed thats not comfy
  • If you normally work out in a gym, but now dont have access to a gym or any equipment.
  • If you normally run around areas you know but now don’t know a good running route
  • Meal prep might be hard if you dont have a fridge.

With all of the above one workout that can be done anywhere and without the need for any equipment is yoga. All you need is a basic yoga mat, and there are many that can easily be folded up and packed into your bag. To check out some of the best see the following link


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