JustFly’s Top Three Canadian Cities To Visit This Summer

The Canadian Summer is just about to get into full swing. While many people wrongly believe Canada is a terrifying, ice palace of a country, Canadian Summers are generally very mild, with temperatures easily surpassing 30 or 40 degrees celsius on the regular in the more Southern reaches of the country, and even Northern regions experiencing comfortable weather. So, with that said, what Canadian cities are the best for a Summer visit? To find out I spoke with JustFly. An online travel agency, JustFly reviews the best destinations for their customers and they gave me their top three Canadian destinations for the Summer. 

Toronto, Ontario

Canada’s largest city, Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario and is hands down Canada’s most metropolitan city. Featuring some of Canada’s biggest and best attractions, its hard to cover everything that makes Toronto an awesome place to visit. Lets start with the ROM. The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s most famous museum. Beautifully designed from the underground subway to the exterior of the building, the ROM features an impressive display of fossils, ancient artifacts, and pieces of Canadian history. Another place you have to see is the CN Tower. This massive tower features glass floors, great restaurants, and some of the best views of the city. At the base of the CN Tower is the Rogers Centre. The Rogers Centre, formerly known as The SkyDome, is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. With a retractable roof, good weather will absolutely allow you to sit inside, in the sun, and enjoy a great game of ball.

Montreal, Quebec 

Montreal is famous for its food, arts scene, and French culture. As Canada’s largest bilingual city, Montreal is famous for encapsulating the best of both French Canada and English Canada according to JustFly. Some can’t miss locales include the beautiful lookouts of Parc Mont Royal, the very cool Plateau neighbourhood, and the historic Old Port district.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada’s biggest Western city, Vancouver sits directly on the Pacific Ocean. As Canada’s most temperate city, rarely seeing snow, Vancouver is extremely warm and features the beaches to take advantage of it. Likewise, nearby cities like Tofino and Whistler allow for even more outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, surfing, and more. As the host of the 2010 Olympics, Vancouver features numerous Olympic landmarks to see and explore.


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