Jersey holiday – a choice of top beaches

Being an island, Jersey’s vast coastline is either a beach or cliffs with rocky coves. This offers holidaymakers a vast array of things to do on their Jersey holiday and is the perfect destination, whether you want to lie on the beach and soak up the sun, discover caves amongst the rocky coves or partake in just about every beach or water sport imaginable.

Below we offer a guide to the different beaches so you can choose the one that’s right for you. We’re starting in the central southern part of the island at St. Aubin’s Bay, the closest beach to the capital St. Helier, and moving clockwise around the island.

St. Aubin’s Bay:

St. Aubins Bay

The beach at St Aubin’s Bay is very long and sandy stretching from St Aubin’s Harbour to St Helier Harbour and is safe no matter what the level of tide. The gentle sloping beach and calm water makes it the perfect beach for families with children.

When the tide is out the beach is more than 300 metres wide creating a massive expanse of soft, golden sand. This is therefore a great beach for sand sports such as Blokarting. The bay is also famous for hobie cats, windsurfing, water skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding and banana boat rides. Being so large, St. Aubin’s Bay rarely becomes too crowded, even during the peak season and, being south facing it enjoys sun throughout the day. The facilities are great with beach kiosks and cafes at various locations.

St Brelade’s Bay:

St Brelades Bay

St Brelade’s Bay is a lovely sheltered bay and the busiest resort beach on the island with beautiful surroundings, offering a wide choice of activities such as volleyball, canoeing, pedalos and trampolines. Being south facing you’ll enjoy sun all day long while on holiday in Jersey.

This beach is very popular with all age groups and has bars, shops and plenty of cafes. There’s parking available but it’s also easy to get to by bus. Take a walk to the lovely parish church at the western end of the bay.

St. Ouen’s Bay:

St. Ouens Bay

St. Ouen’s Bay with its miles of stunning golden sandy beach is popular with local surfers as it’s on the Atlantic Sea and gets great waves, which is why the annual Surfing Championships are held here. The waves are also good for windsurfing. And, with the beach being so large it’s popular for sand yachting too. There are many restaurants, cafes, ice-cream vans, beach kiosks and pubs along the bay as well as extensive parking. With around 5 miles of lovely beach, it’s the largest on the island so you’ll definitely be able to find an area to yourself. There are a number of interesting landmarks close by such as Kempt Tower, a fortified wall.

Plemont Bay:

Plemont Bay

Plemont Bay is on the North West tip of the island where the more rugged coastline starts so you’ll find a mix of soft sandy beach and interesting caves, majestic cliffs and waterfalls to explore. For this reason it’s a popular beach that’s also good for surfing. There are a number of large shallow water pools created by the rocks that make it ideal for children to play in. However, most of the beach is covered during high tide so you need to plan when you go – it tends to be low tide around mid-day. There’s a great cafe on the top of the cliff.

Grève de Lecq:

Gr+¿ve de Lecq

On the North of the island this beach has lovely, golden sand and is very popular but not crowded. Kayaking is a firm favourite here as is coasteering for the more adventurous. The facilities are good including a choice of restaurants and bars and good parking.

Bonne Nuit:

Bonne Nuit

Right in the centre of the island to the North this is a small fishing harbour that has great sunsets and a nice beach cafe. Not much of a beach here though and swimming is really for competent swimmers only.

Bouley Bay:

Bouley Bay

Also in the North Bouley Bay has a small harbour with deep water that’s good for diving and strong swimmers. If you’re looking for scuba diving you can get lessons and hire equipment here during your holiday in Jersey. For more information on Jersey holiday, visit It’s a good spot to look out to sea for Dolphins too. There’s a good selection of cafes, bars and restaurants around the bay. Above the Pier you’ll find the recently renovated Fort Leicester.

Rozel Bay:

Rozel Bay

On the North East point, Rozel Bay is a small fishing harbour and is a great spot for those looking to do sea fishing.  If you don’t fancy fishing, but like eating fish, this is a good place to find some of the best fish restaurants on the island, where you can enjoy the catch of the day. Indeed people tend to visit this area more for the good food, restaurants, bars and tea rooms, than the beach, which has lovely white sand but a bit on the small side! There’s a good bus service if you don’t have a car.

St. Catherine’s Bay:

St. CatherineGÇÖs Bay

Although a mile long, this beach is a mix of sand and pebbles with swimming mainly from the rocks. The beach shelves quite deeply, although there are some shallow waters at low tide. There’s a good restaurant up by the breakwater. Parking is free and the beach is on a bus route.

Grouville Bay:

Grouville Bay

On the Eastern part of Jersey, Grouville Bay has a particularly long stretch of beach and is good for swimming. There’s also a wide choice of water sports. You can hire speed boats and do water skiing as well as fun, family water sports such as banana boat rides or canoeing. It’s a popular place as you can also visit nearby Mont Orgueil, a 13th Century Castle that overlooks the bay. There are good amenities on and around the beach.

St. Clements Bay:

St. Clements Bay

On the South East coast this long sandy south facing beach with sun throughout the day. The beach has rock pools so is good for shrimping and picking winkles. This leads to a nicer sandy beach around by Le Hocq Tower, which stretches around a headland to a more pebble beach to Rocqueberg and on to Green Island.

Green Island Beach:

Green Island Beach

A local favourite, Green Island is a sandy stretch of beach surrounded by a grassy mound, which is where it got its name. This is a real sun trap that’s good for swimming. The soft sand is good for children and there are kiosks and the Green Island Restaurant for food and refreshment. You can hire deck chairs, loungers and umbrellas during your holiday in Jersey.

La Greve d’Azette:

La Greve dGÇÖAzette

This beach is very close to the town for those who really don’t want to go too far and be close to where it’s happening at St. Helier. By reaching this beach we’ve now gone full circle and arrived back at Jersey’s capital.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this around the island tour of Jersey’s main beaches and select the place to enjoy your holiday in Jersey around the one that best suits your holiday plans.

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