Interested in Plastic Surgery but Scared to Try? Here’s Why It’s Safe in 2018


It is not hard to see that cosmetic surgery is now a regular feature of our contemporary world. Aesthetic procedures of all kinds are now readily available at a huge number of clinics open worldwide, and the numbers are only growing. Because it has become more common for people to opt for plastic surgery, prices have also become competitive and thus opened up the market to an even wider audience. However, arguably plastic surgery is still taboo to some extent. Not because it is socially unacceptable, but rather due to fears of safety.

Horror stories about ‘plastic surgery gone wrong’ proliferate the internet and tabloid headlines, drawing shock reactions and fearful responses wherever they occur. A quick google for ‘plastic surgery’ will not only give you results for surgeries, but also for lists of complications and bad experiences. With this level of exposure, is it any wonder people are scared of plastic surgery? Probably not, but in this article we aim to balance the scales by giving some much needed facts on the safety of cosmetic surgery.

A big question going around is, how can a certain standard of surgery be ensured? The answer this case is quite simple. Boards and associations have been established in almost every country that revolve around the practice of aesthetic surgery. These institutions exist to ensure that their practicing members, clinics and surgeons are all held to rigorous standard of safety and excellence. Such boards include, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, ESPRAS (European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery), Czech Society of Plastic Surgery and many more. You can personally check the codes of practice in each board, and check whether your doctor belongs to a specific group. This way, you know there is a standard in place that you can follow up and reference in your procedure.

As mentioned earlier, plastic surgery holidays and cosmetic tourism are a result of the expanding market. There has been a significant amount of negative press about the danger of travelling abroad for cheaper aesthetic procedures, including from the BBC in England. Their article, referenced below, does not specify that bad experiences in cosmetic surgery tourism often happen in India, South America and further outside of Europe. This is not to say that doctors in these parts of the world are unprofessional, but rather that Westerners are unprepared for the conditions and standards in the respective country, instead tempted by cheap prices.

In countries such as the Czech Republic (Czechia), where plastic surgery tourism is very popular, prices remain competitive and a European standard of health and practice is maintained, and regulative bodies with full qualifications are not hard to find. The bottom line is that the safety of plastic surgery depends on a high quality choice, which depends on good research. Medical Travel Czech always advise to research their doctors, and check their requalification of the doctor.

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