How to Stay Friends with Your Travel Buddies on a Long Trip

Going on a long trip with a bunch of friends is a wonderful idea but it can also put a serious strain on the relationship.

It is hard to live with someone 24 hours a day and also undergo the occasional problems and stresses of travelling without something giving occasionally. The following are some of the best ways of making sure that your relationship with your travel buddies doesn’t suffer too much on your travels.

Understand the Importance of Time Alone

On a long trip like this you are likely to spend more time with your friends than you spend with anyone else in your life, especially if you are sharing rooms as you go. This means that it is vital that you all get some time alone at some point. A brilliant idea is to take your laptop or phone and occasionally play some games and stuff like that. A site like the one here will give you hours of fun while you relax alone.

You might even win some money by playing some of the popular online bingo games which so many people now love to try. You will all benefit from breaks like this and be keener to spend time together again afterwards. Bus journeys, flights and nights in the hotel are ideal for getting out your mobile device and enjoying some solo time.

Be Flexible

It is a fact of life that you might not always have the same opinion on what to do each day or what to eat. These differences of opinion can gnaw away at you over time if you aren’t careful. The best attitude you can take is to consider that you can all gain by being as flexible as possible. Maybe you can make a deal at the start that you will take it in turns to decide where to eat each day or possibly it will go to a group vote. The important thing is to not to let resentment build up over things you feel forced into doing.  If you really don’t want to do something then simply say that it doesn’t look like your cup of tea and maybe you can all meet up again later on, after you do your own thing for a while. 

Build Great Memories

Of course, travelling together is one of the best ways of building up a strong bond. If you start to gain great memories right from the start then you are likely to become closer as you travel. This means that there is less chance of you falling out with each other later on. Try and get a lot of unforgettable photos and videos with the whole group and make sure that you all have a lot of fun. This might sound like a bit of a contradiction form the previous point but the secret of great trips in a group really comes down to getting the balance right between these points. If you can do this then you should have a fabulous trip and return home with a stronger friendship bond than the one you left with.

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