How Earth Networks & WeatherSTEM Are Working Together



Earth Networks have built groundbreaking technology that has completely revolutionized what we see and understand about weather. The really amazing part though is all the benefits of Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM working together to increase middle school STEM curriculum programs in numerous schools across America.

There’s nothing more engaging than WeatherSTEM when you want to teach children, especially those in secondary school, about the weather. It’s something that will affect all humans forever—you can’t get away from the weather, it’s changing and shaping the world every single day. Having a proper weather display to learn on isn’t just enhancing children’s experiences in the moment, it’s informing them for the rest of their lives.

Nobody wants to learn when they’re not being engaged. You want to actually feel like your learning material is responsive. It’s the same way college students feel about their classes, and when you dip down into the lower grades, that opinion doesn’t really shift at all. People want to be engaged, to respond, and learn by doing, not just by seeing.

The merger of Earth Networks technology and the WeatherSTEM informational program combines two of the most innovative technologies we’ve had in the weather industry in decades. With information and technology from Earth Networks, and the most interactive teaching experience through WeatherSTEM, a byproduct has been created: the next generation is becoming so informed that they rival adult meteorologists in terms of know-how. It’s really something amazing to see.

When you bring interactive, real world information to the classroom and combine it with interactive, hands-on software, the end result can only be amazing. That’s what Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM have done.

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