Hard Tops vs. Soft Tops: Which Is Better on a Jeep?



Whether you’re purchasing your first or you have owned a Jeep wrangler for years, you’re likely familiar with the controversial question – hard top or soft top? Looking at how the two options stack up against each other in several important categories can help you make the right choice for your vehicle.


As compared to their soft counterparts, hard tops offer significantly better insulation, shielding you from the hot summer sun or a crisp winter wind. Hard tops also block out more street noise, making them the more favorable option if your Jeep is your everyday driver or you travel a lot of highway miles.


Removing hard tops often requires more than one person and you will need to store your top somewhere while it is not in use. Easily and quickly put on or taken off, soft tops allow you to adjust your vehicle to the weather and conditions while you are on the go. Unlike hard tops, your soft top can just be folded and kept in your vehicle; which is why for versatility, Jeep soft tops are the way to go.


Providing a solid, enclosed exterior that soft tops don’t, hard tops have traditionally been considered the more secure top option for Jeep Wranglers. Although hard tops do offer more protection against theft than soft tops, Jeep JK storage solutions offer accessories to secure your personal possessions, leveling out the playing field in this category.


Made from a much stronger material, hard tops are significantly more durable than soft tops. While they may have to be replaced more often, a Jeep soft top for sale costs significantly less than a hard top. Further, soft tops may last longer in less harsh climates or when stored in a garage.

When it comes down to it, hard tops versus soft tops boils down to your personal preference. Discuss what you plan on using your Jeep for with one of the experts at 4WD.com or browse the vast selection of truck parts in their online catalog to find the top you’re looking for.

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