Fun Travel Games & Contests You Don’t Want to Miss!

Whether you are a well-seasoned traveler or new to the wonders of exploring the globe, there are many things to be learned and plenty of fun to be had when you indulge in a bit of geography centered gameplay. You can keep your geography themed gaming fairly simple with a fun and easy to play game of geo-bingo on a long road trip. Or, try out an online geography quiz game or even raise the stakes a bit with something more interesting games like the Geo Guesser contest, where players can enter for a chance to win €1,000 for earning the most points. Whichever gaming option you go with you are bound to have a good time and learn something new at the same time; a win-win situation!

Why Geography Themed Games?

These fun and challenging games make for a great way to use your travel knowledge and trivia skills all at once. They also offer the player a great way to learn new information about a specific region that they may be looking at visiting sometime in the future. Another awesome thing about geography themed games is the fact that you can just as easily play them on your own as you would with a group of friends or travel buddies.

Online game designers are now able to do more with these geography themed games than ever before. Players have the option to try out many different types of games to test their knowledge. You can play games based on flags of the world or even test your skills with some good old fashioned trivia questions. Geo-gaming are extremely interactive and can also be used as a way to quickly prepare yourself to visit a new place by taking a virtual walk around the city or countryside.

Top Geo-Games and Contests For the Travel Enthusiast:

  • The Geography Quiz – There are tons of options for awesome geography quiz games online but Buzzfeed recently posted a popular geography quiz you’ll likely be sharing on Facebook. You can search for a number of different themed quizzes on the site and each of them blend the use of trivia questions, map identification and flag knowledge to create a challenging but light-hearted quiz. You can test your general geography knowledge or narrow the quiz down to a specific geographical area like the UK or Canada. They are usually set up in a simple and easy to use format and can keep you playing all day long. Beware of getting sidetracked to other cool stories and quizzes in the sidebar and try not to get stuck testing your geography knowledge all day long or you could find yourself getting in trouble at work.


  • Geography Challenges and Contests – These games usually follow the same quiz style format, but they offer an extra incentive; money. With the Geo Guesser contest offered by Europa Casino, players get to test their geography skills by matching pictures of different landmarks and landscapes to a spot on a map of Europe. From there you drop a pin on the map and the closer you are to the correct spot on the map the more points you gain. The player with the most points by a specific date (June 1, 2014 for this particular round) then wins a cool €1,000! It’s fun, challenging and rewarding.


  • National Challenge Games – These games combine one’s love of geography and learning with good, old fashioned sport. They offer kids and young adults a great way to test their geography knowledge all while competing nationally and internationally with others. You can find several great geography gaming options for PC, Mac and gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS here. Many of these awesome challenges are available online from trusted learning sites like National Geographic.

National Geographic’s website is currently hosting a fun and challenging trivia contest on their website called the GeoBee Challenge where players can customize the difficulty level of the trivia questions and compete with other players from all over the world to earn the top spot. Players simply enter their gaming name and choose their home country before choosing their desired difficulty level and answering a round of 10 geography based questions. The questions change each day, allowing for more fun and more challenges before earning the top spot on the leader board.


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