Four of the Best Places to Watch a Hockey Game in America

Ice hockey is currently experiencing something of a resurgence in America. Driven by the influx of talented young stars to the sport, it has provided some seriously exciting action for viewers, but watching it onscreen and watching it live are two entirely different things. However thrilling the former might be, it simply isn’t a patch on the latter, which is why we’ve written this article.

Sharing four of the best places for seeing a real American hockey game up close, these top destinations offer the perfect day out for locals and tourists alike.

1. Consol Energy Center (Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins)

Source: Facebook via Consol Energy Center

We love Pittsburgh in and of itself, thanks to its ability to entice us with some of the most highbrow and cosmopolitan museums, art galleries, and eateries around, but it’s definitely been improved by the recent construction of the Consol Energy Center. A brand new, purpose-built rink made with the local Pittsburgh Penguins in mind, it’s experienced a real surge in visitors since its inception, and that’s largely due to superstar Sidney Crosby and his help in winning the Stanley Cup. Visit yourself to see this young sporting champion play in the flesh, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Staples Center (Home to the LA Kings)

As the host of many a storied match, the Staples Center in Los Angeles has a long record of impressive on-pitch action, and the best part is that there’s not a single bad seat in the house. Even the acoustics are on point, capturing every puck swoosh and body check that takes place. Some fans choose to add some excitement by placing a bet on the action; the LA Kings might be a distant +3500.00 to triumph in the playoffs with redbet, but that doesn’t mean the action on the rink is anything less than thrilling. Cheer as your team scores, bellow in frustration when they don’t, and enjoy one of the best and most atmospheric hockey experiences of your life.

3. United Center (Home of the Chicago Blackhawks)

Source: Facebook via United Center

The United Center is one of the oldest arenas on this list, but believe us when we say that it could give any one of its younger counterparts a run for their money. Home to the Chicago Blackhawks, who have a long history of success here and elsewhere, it plays host to a whopping four Stanley Cups. Given this impressive record, it’s unsurprising that you’ll see some seriously competitive action. As a little added bonus, it also boasts a massively cool Michael Jordan statue out front, which makes the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

4. Xcel Energy Centre (Home of the Minnesota Wild)

If you find yourself in Minnesota, the Xcel Energy Centre is another place that you really need to pay a visit to. Home to the Wild, it’s the realisation of a long-time dream for the city: namely, to have their team back and, this time, to keep them. Typically filled to the brim with rabid fans come game day, it has an atmosphere and an excitement that you won’t find anywhere else.

Isn’t it time to book your tickets and make that trip?

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