Five Things You Should do in Madrid

So, you’ve booked a cheap flight to Madrid, organised accommodation – and now you need to know what it is you can do while you’re there. The city is full of fascinating cultural traits and is home to some of the best attractions in Europe.

We’ve compiled a list of five things you should definitely consider doing while you’re in the Spanish capital.

Visit the Royal Palace

The largest building in Madrid also happens to be the biggest royal palace in all of Western Europe, and one of the most beautiful too. While just looking at this marvel makes it worth the visit, you have the added advantage of being allowed to go inside.

It is full of artefacts that show a rich and interesting history, including paintings, tapestries and ceramics. It is also worth taking a stroll through the palace gardens. You can visit at any time of the year – except on days where official ceremonies are taking place.

Eat at the World’s Oldest Restaurant

The Guinness Book of World Records backs up the claim that the oldest restaurant in the world is based in Madrid. Sobrino de Botin. Founded in 1725, it was frequented by famous names such as Ernest Hemingway – who declared it to be one of his favourites.

Although a tourist hotspot, this establishment does not cater to this and serves traditional Spanish cuisine. You can purchase a main dish for approximately 18 euros, or go all out and get a three-course meal for around 40 euros. You can check out their English menu online.

Try Chocolate con Churros

Another eating-related activity, but the chocolate con churros is something everybody should try when visiting Madrid.  It is produced by the Chocolateria de San Gines restaurant, based next to the Church of San Gines, which is a well-known establishment throughout Madrid.

A churro is essentially a stick of fried dough created with water, flour and salt. They are light and spiral shaped, while they’re served with a cup of thick, warm chocolate – perfect for dunking. The restaurant itself is open until late, and can be extremely busy at 4am on weekends, with troves of people looking for a snack after a night out.

The Reina Sofia Museum

Madrid is the home to many spectacular art museums, all of which host some truly remarkable pieces of work. The Reina Sofia Museum is right up there with the best of them, despite only opening just over 20 years ago.

Guernica, one of Picasso’s most popular paintings, is based at the Reina Sofia following a wish of the man himself not to display the piece in Spain until democracy had been established. Picasso’s Woman in Blue is also in the museum, while the likes of Miro and Dali are also represented.

Tour of the City

If you want to experience the wonderful city of Madrid in all of its glory, then an official tour is exactly what you’re after. There are two options for you to choose from – or if you like, you can do both – the Madrid tourist bus and the Teleferico cable car.

The tour bus will show you all the landmarks of the city. You can choose to take the Modern Madrid or the Historic Madrid route, but both are exceptional and give great insight into the area. If you decide to use the cable car, then many fantastic views await as you’re transported over various parks and attractions – not to mention the Manzanares River.

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