Five Hidden Gems For Hunting And Fishing

Since most hunters do not have their own forest or lake teeming with prey at their disposal, the next best option is finding a prime hunting location. Although hunting locations seem scarce, there are actually 367 locations to hunt and 309 to fish in the United States.

With that many locations, there are plenty of hidden gems that are known as “America’s best-kept secrets.” Get ready to grab your Calibers gun and fishing reel, and check out these top five areas:

1. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

Located in Basom, New York, this wildlife refuge is close to 11,000 acres. Highly unpopulated, this area is the perfect sanctuary for a relaxing day of hunting and fishing.

The lake is stocked with crappie, blue gill, northern pike, bass, and yellow perch while the area is home to white-tailed deer, waterfowl, cottontail rabbit, coyote, gray squirrel, opossum, pheasant, rail, raccoon, ruffed grouse, snipe, and woodchuck.

2. Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Hunting and fishing embody the soul of West Virginia’s Canaan Valley and Blackwater River. Over 15,000 acres, this area is close to 3.5 hours from Washington D.C., making it a great destination, for it’s outside of the city enough to be peaceful and quiet, yet it’s not too remote.

There is limited road access to hunting white-tailed deer, woodcock, ruffed grouse, common snipe, wild turkey, and black bear, meaning hunters must be in shape in order to haul their gear in and game out. According to the refuge manager, Richard Zane, the guests prefer it that way, for “…dragging the deer out is the fun part.”

3. Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

On the northern end of Hatteras Island in Outer Banks, North Carolina, this island refuge is where the serious fishermen venture to in order to relax. The remote island is accessible by a two-lane highway, which makes the area feel more deserted rather than a destination location.

Because the sand dunes are constantly changing, the 13 miles of deserted beaches, salt flats, marshes, and inlets bring anglers back time and again to find the big fish moving throughout the shallow waters.

4. Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge

Within Paris, Tennessee, this refuge is known as one of the best fishing and deer hunting areas in the South. The refuge has a diverse 51,000-acre terrain of forests and rolling highlands, fields farmed for waterfowl (although hunting waterfowl is not permitted), and the Kentucky Lake for fishing.

Hunters can be sure to see white-tailed deer, turkey, and Canada goose, while fishermen can find world-renowned crapple, largemouth bass, sunfish, and catfish.

5. White River National Wildlife Refuge

This 90-mile-long wilderness in St. Charles, Arkansas sits in the Mississippi Delta region where the White River meets the Mississippi. Over 160,000 acres, this spot is legendary once you find out about it. The refuge has no antler restrictions and is impossibly large.

Full of white-tailed deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, and duck, this place takes years to explore.

With the diversity these places offer, they truly are hidden gems in the hunting world.

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