Experience Thailand Your Way With These Different Holiday Styles

Thailand is perhaps mostly thought of as a backpacking destination. But the country actually offers up a wide range of different holiday types. Of course, you can choose to spend your time in Thailand getting drunk on the beach and seeking out bargains. But it isn’t the only way to experience this diverse destination. If you can afford to spend a bit more on your trip, Thailand is also an ideal place for a luxury holiday. Is sitting around on beaches not really your thing? Then you can experience an adventure surrounded by Thailand’s lush nature or enjoy a responsible and eco-friendly holiday.


Backpacking in Thailand has been popular among students, gap year travellers and others for several decades. The popular destinations don’t always stay the same. But as the crowds move on to new places they take certain expectations with them. Backpackers are often found looking for cheap living in the city or flocking to beaches for parties. Budget hotels and hostels are easily found all over the country, and it’s easy to keep costs down for food and travel too. Hiring a scooter to explore your surroundings is a popular way to get around.

Luxury Travel

On the other side of the coin is luxury travel in Thailand. Exclusive resorts and swish hotels lead the way in the luxury market. And people increasingly visit as more upmarket travellers. Families and older people with a little more money choose the luxury route over backpacking. They opt for 5-star Koh Samui accommodation, instead of budget hotels. While backpackers are partying, luxury travellers are enjoying the country in their own style. Playing golf and spending time in the hotel spa are preferable to this set of people. If roughing it isn’t your thing, then a luxury holiday in Thailand is the cleaner alternative.

Nature Exploration

Thailand is a lush and verdant country, a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. There are many ways to experience the more natural side of Thailand, from trekking in the mountains to spending time in a nature reserve. Animal lovers will love holidays where you can spend time with elephants. There is also birdwatching aplenty for anyone looking to see some exotic specimens in flight. Nature tours in Khao Sok National park are popular. You can experience elephant encounters, lake and mangrove explorations and treks. You can also adventure through unspoilt areas of jungle and beaches.

Responsible/Eco-friendly Travel

Some people prefer to lessen their impact on the country and the rest of the world when they visit a destination. If you’re looking for a responsible and eco-friendly trip to Thailand, you can seek out a green resort. Green tourism hasn’t quite taken off in Thailand. But it is expanding, and you can find eco-friendly resorts with a bit of research. Instead of using a scooter to get around, you can hire a bicycle to avoid any pollution. There are also plenty of responsible travel providers to choose from. ¬†They make an effort to reduce their impact on the environment, so you don’t have to.


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